Petrus Medmann

Petrus Medmann (* 11. November 1507 in Cologne, † 18. September 1584 in Emden, buried in the large church) was a theologian and a diplomat of the reformation time.

, Afterwards he studies and acquires Petrus Medmann visited to 1522 the latin school in Emmerich at the University of Cologne to the Artistenfakultät the title “more magister liberalium artium” (masters of the free arts). In Cologne also the turn in its life carries out itself for reformation. At the university he becomes acquainted with Theodor Fabritius , which becomes later the leader of the Evangelist ones in Cologne. Together with Fabritius Medmann goes in the year 1526 to joke mountain to the university, at which Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon teach. Here Medmann seems affected by Melanchthon particularly, he was in a friendly manner connected for which also in his later life.

Medmann returns after one year to Cologne, where already the pursuit of the Protestanten began. Medmann experiences 1529 as an eye-witness the Inquisitionsverhör Adolf Clarenbachs also, to 28. September 1529 was burned. The agonies of this man left a lasting impression with Medmann and coined/shaped its further working.

In October 1529 Medmann participated in the religion discussion between Luther and Zwingli in Marburg . He became a house teacher at the yard of the counts Johann von Wied and became also with its brother, counts Hermann von Wied, Cologne archbishop and cure prince admit to who, who stood to the Pope in opposition and showed Evangelist inclinations. Medmann became its “secret advice”. Here Medmann learned among other things auch Albert Ritzaeus Hardenberg kennen, der später auch in Emden wirkte. In April 1546 expressed the Pope over Hermann of Wied the spell and also Medmann became from the Pope to 10. September 1547 outlawed.

Very probably by switching of the count Christoph of Oldenburg, which was Cologne cathedral gentleman, Medmann its sister, the countess and Regentin Anna of East Frisia, was recommended. Thus Medmann came 1548 to Emden. Medmann knew already Johannes á Lasco, the first Superintendenten East Frisia.

In the year 1550 Medmann in Emden Anna Buttel married, the daughter of an outstanding Emder of citizen. Anna was first of all married with Hinrich van Jever. 1553 became Medmann then mayors in Emden and dressed this office continuously up to its death. Into its term of office of reformatorischen paging was its prudent political working of special importance. To 10. It put the foundation-stone to June 1574 for the building of the Emder of city hall, a symbol for the upswing that the city in this time took.

In the Johannes á reading CO library in Emden still 87 books are provable from the Medmann library.


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