Petter Solberg

Petter Solberg (* 18. November 1974 in Askim/Norway) is a Norwegian autosportsman and a professional Rallyefahrer.

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family background

Petter Solberg secured itself in the year 2003 the title Rallye world champion. He had again given training up begun as the painter and paperhanger in favor of his racing career. „Mister Hollywood “, so its current pointed name, comes from Spydeberg i Østfold, scarcely 50 km southeast from Oslo convenient. It has its official domicile however since 2003 in Monaco. Solberg originates from a family, whose members used up themselves nearly all together the engine haven. In addition it is connected to family Walfridsson by its marriage with the Swedish Rallye and Rallycross very well-known in the Scandinavian area -. Its wife is called Pernilla and is one of the two daughters of the former Volvo - work driver (Volvo R-team) by Inge „pi “Walfridsson (and. A. FIA Rallycross European champion 1980 and outstanding 4. Place at the RAC Rallye 1973). The two younger and also auto+haven-tested brothers of by Inge Walfridsson are called Lars Eric Walfridsson and stairs Olov Walfridsson and are thus uncle of Pernilla.

Under its maiden name Pernilla Walfridsson applied for Petters today's wife to some years as one the best Rallye Fahrerinnen of the world. No smaller one as the quadruple Rallye world champion Tommi Mäkinen classified it, according to information of Petter Solberg, even once than the second fastest woman behind the Französin Michèle Mouton . Petter and Pernilla have a common son named olive. Parents of Petter Solberg, both nut/mother Tove and father Terje, took some years long actively at Bilcross running (dt. AutoCROSS, in Norway however rather a Rallycross league for small budgets) part, whereby their son came already very early on the taste and was always used as mechanic. Exactly like already its brother Henning Solberg, which became at the latest since 2004, older around nearly two years, starting from there likewise in the Rallye world championship active, more well-known. For 2005 changed Henning from Peugeot to Ford and denied seven WM-runs with a focus WRC. In May 2005 it could do 4 with that. Total rank of the Cyprus Rallye its so far largest international success book. 2006 will participate Henning in altogether 12 of the 16 Rallye WM runs with a Peugeot 307 WRC of the team Bozian Racing.

first engine-sporty successes

1992, only one day after its existed driving licence examination, Petter debütierte with a Bilcross run. it drove its second Bilcross running, which it also won to 1993. Immediately after it it changed into the national Norwegian Rallycross scene, in order to participate with Ford a Escort in Rallycross runs and mountain running on crushed stones. it got itself 1994 with this Mk2-Typ-Escort the title of a Norwegian vice-master in both disciplines. For 1995 Petter transferred into the super+national series, its car was now a Volvo 240 turbo, which was equipped with a suction engine however (due to the regulation turbochargers are not here permitted). Petter developed thereby to a recognized, victorious driver; it won altogether 19 of 21 running and became Norwegian mountain and Rallycross master. The Scandinavian Supernasjonal - it missed and won mountain titles only scarcely those silver medal.

In the year 1996 it repeated accurately these three successes, won 15 of 19 driven running, and secured themselves two further master and a vice-master title. Petter applied from now on as Norwegian hope carriers in the engine haven, in which one saw also the new Crown Prince of the national hero „Mister Rallycross “Martin Schanche. Petter Solberg was considered now by the media gladly to its residence with the pointed name „Spydeberg Ekspressen “. The Norwegian ex-Rallye-ASS John Unnerud, which likewise originates from Spydeberg originally, carried these. Still in the same year 1996 brother Henning let participate it on its own Toyota Celica ST165 for the first time in a Rallye ( the Rally Hedemarken), with the Petter the car by an estimate destroyed.

change from the Rallycross to the Rallyesport

at the end of of 1996 said good-bye Petter Solberg from the Rallycross and for 1997 for it a Toyota Celica ST185 was made available, which had been driven to Rådis “Rådström before from Sweden Thomas „. Thus Petter became again Norwegian mountain master and occupied the 5. Rank in the Norwegian Rallyemeisterschaft. 1998 it secured with Toyota a Celica ST205 the Norwegian Rallye title and made themselves with 16. Place with the Sweden Rallye on itself attentively. Still in the same year his Mentor John ensured „Mr. Škoda “Haugland for the fact that Ford took somewhat more exactly at that time that to 23-jährige Norwegian talent under the magnifying glass. After Petter could set itself with a Ford comparison test outstanding in scene, he received one by the British work team „training place “for three years offered, which were however contractually not straight watertightly secured, whereby Solberg could change later also prematurely to Subaru.

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