Peugeot 403 aus dem Jahr 1963
Peugeot 403 from the year 1963

Peugeot [pøˈʒo] is a French vehicle manufacturer and besides one of the oldest still existing automarks; together with Citroën Peugeot part of the PSA is - group. Peugeot has its largest factories in Sochaux into the Franche Comté close Belfort.Further works are in Tschechien (107-Produktion) and Spain (parts of the 206-Produktion).

Peugeot manufactures bicycles, scooter, do-it-yourself enthusiast machines, grinding mills for the building industry and Gewürzmühlen beside vehicles among other things also .

In Germany Peugeot has its seat in Saarbruecken, close of the French since 1936Border.1967 were created the Peugeot Germany GmbH.

Since beginning of series production 1891 world world over 40 million vehicles were manufactured. European-wide the mark Peugeot belongs to the usually sold passenger cars.

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Peugeot 204
Peugeot 204
Peugeot 204 Cabriolet
Peugeot 204 Cabriolet
Peugeot 304 Cabriolet
Peugeot 304 Cabriolet
Der legendäre 205 GTI
legendary 205 GTI
the family Peugeot owner of a grain mill, late owner of a Färberei was original. 1812 changed the brothers Jean Frédéric andJean Pierre Peugeot a grain mill into a steel plant over and began with the production of saw blades and clockwork feathers/springs. Peugeot produced also Kaffeemühlen, irons and much more besides. Until today pepper mills are produced.

1889 left arm and Peugeot the first vehicle, which build so-called Serpollet tricycle, it becamewith steam propelled. Only with the change to type 2 the change on petrol engines was carried out, which came however from the Daimler engine society. In the year 1896 it created the enterprise Société anonymous one of the automobile Peugeot. This enterprise had two company headquarters, one in Audincourt and onein Lille. 1900 was already manufactured 500 vehicles and 20,000 bicycles. Up to the year 1910 there were still two competitive Peugeot marks: Automobile Peugeot with the work in Audincourt and Lille as well as Lions Peugeot in Beaulieu. Both enterprises closed then to the Société of theAutomobile et Cycles Peugeot together.

In the year 1912 in Sochaux a further work was built. Originally trucks were produced here; 1925 became the work Sochaux the head office of the passenger cars - production. Many factories, so also Peugeot , were forced by the First World War and the general mobilization,to begin their mechanisms for war purposes, which led to the fact that no more new projects were accomplished.

1929 was introduced on the fair into of Paris the model 201. This model, which was altogether 140,000 times produced until 1936 140.000, proved as particularly successful and gave Peugeot oneimproves financial situation and contributed substantially to the good reputation as an automaker.

After the Second World War the reconstruction began, by structuring the technical equipment and machine plants new. The new model 203 became starting from immediately 1948 the success model. 1955 became with that 403 firstmass-produced Peugeot presented, which was equipped with a diesel engine. At the same time the 403 the first was vehicle sketched by the italiensischen designer Pininfarina.

In the year 1960 introduced the model 404 was in completely Europe like also to the französischsprachigen part of Africa a large success. The 404 was forwardseverything as taxi vehicle in these countries much spreads. The constant expansion of Peugeot led 1965 to the fact that the getting thing Peugeot S.A. one based, which controls the different societies of the group of firms. In the same year the industrial site Muhlhouse was established.

1974 became Peugeot majority shareholder with Citroën andthe company Chrysler Europe took over. Two years later the fusion was perfect, the PSA group developed.

designation nomenclature

Peugeot nummerierte into the 1930er years all its models simply under the designation type through. Begun with type 1 up to about type 192. To emphasize the Peugeot Bébé (type 69) is, which was built from 1905 to 1912 in large numbers of items, since it was the first genuine small car of Peugeot.

1929 began Robert Peugeot, the successor of arm and Peugeot, with that 201, the vehicles with a numbering systemto provide with a central zero. Besides it introduced the diesel engine and sun oh. The sequence of numbers 201 rose first from the coincidence. This series were the two hundred and first project of the development department of Peugeot. The simplicity and clarity of the numbering system led to the fact that one after this sample everythingsix Fahrzeugklassen designated. The zero in the center thereby typically for Peugeot and is also legally protected. Starting from 2004 for special models double zero-numbers also four digit are used.

Peugeot Zeitlinie until 1965
motor vehicle type and - class 1920er 1930er 1940er 1950er 1960er
0 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4
small car 201 ,202 ,203
compact class 301 ,302
middle class 401 ,402 ,403 ,404
Upper middle class
upper class 601
Peugeot Zeitlinie starting from 1965
motor vehicle type and - class 1960er 1970er 1980er 1990er 2000er
5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 56 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
mini 104 ,106 ,107
small cars 204 ,205 ,206 ,207
compact class 304 ,305 ,309 ,306 ,307
middle class 404 ,405 ,406 ,407
Upper middle class 504 ,505
upper class 604 ,605 ,607
Micro Van 1007
Jeeps P4 4007
Van 806 ,807


Peugeot Kühlerfigur
Peugeot radiator figure
Der Löwe an einem Peugeot 205
the lion at a Peugeot 205

the saw teeth at the throats of a lion reminded there, became the lion the characteristic Peugeots.1858the lion was registered as brand name, which of a local Goldschmied was sketched named Justin Blazer. The lion as Logo symbol light thereby the three qualities of the saw blades: the robustness of the saw blades, the elasticity of the blade and the fast cut. Since 1906 the lion symbol those ziert Radiator cricket; until 1958 were used it as radiator figure. In the course of the years the Logo was modified several times.

engine haven

Peugeot engages itself particularly in the Rallye sport. There for example the 306, 307 and 206 successes could celebrate. Peugeot landed largest successeshowever in the year 1985, with that 205 T16 displaced them AUDI of the winner landing. Besides there were employments in the route car haven, where many successes could be likewise celebrated. The moreover one was Peugeot than engine supplier for different formula of 1 - team (among other things Jordan) actively.

current ones Model pallet passenger car

Peugeot 206 CC
Peugeots Flaggschiff: Das Modell 607
Peugeots flagship: The model 607

Zurzeit covers the offer of person motor vehicles the following models:

  • 107: Small car; with Toyota Aygo and Citroen c1 almost identically constructed.
  • 1007: Microvan; Pushing instead of conventional doors
  • 206: Small car; successfully in completely Europe very
    • 206 CC:like 206, however as Coupé Cabrio with electrohydraulical metal roof deck
    • 206 SW: extended combination version
    • 206 RC: like 206, however road version of the world champion car of the World Rally Championship and again the BFGoodrich long-distance championship only castle ring
  • 207: The 206-Nachfolger is the youngest branch of Peugeot
  • 307: Compact class
    • 307 CC, Coupé Cabriowith electrohydraulical metal roof deck
    • 307 BREAK: Combination
    • 307 SW: Combination with glass roof and single seats in the second seat row
  • 407: Middle class
    • 407 Coupé
    • 407 SW: Combination with glass roof
  • 607: Upper middle class
  • 807: Van; so mentioned “euro Van”; CO development between PSA and the Fiat company

beside these vehicles becomein some African countries also for partly thirty years vehicles of the series 504 (also than Pickup), 405 and 505 sells.

commercial motor vehicles

current models

earlier models:

  • Peugeot D3A
  • Peugeot D4A
  • Peugeot J5
  • Peugeot J7
  • Peugeot J9

sports car and concept car

  • sports car
    • Peugeot 905
    • Peugeot 907
  • concept cars

scooters and motorcycles

Zurzeit covers the offer ofScooters the following models:

  • TKR 50ccm
  • Elystar 50,125,150ccm
  • Elystar Advantage (carburetor) 50ccm
  • Speedfight1, 50,100ccm
  • Speedfight2, 50,100ccm
  • Vivacity 50,100ccm
  • Looxor
  • Jetforce TSDI (a splash) 50ccm (water-cooled)
  • Jetforce C-tech (carburetor) 50ccm
  • Jetforce 125ccm
  • Jetforce 125ccm compressor
  • Ludix One, Snake, trend, Classic, Elegance and Blaster (water-cooled)
  • XPS Enduro50
  • XPS SuperMoto 50
  • XPS Street EVO2 50
  • XPS CT 125
  • XR6 50
  • Vogue SX 50
  • Vogue VSX 50
  • XP6 Enduro
  • XP6 SuperMoto

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