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the Pfälzer dialect poet and - close inside (see list of names) to concern in literary sections such as lyric poetry, Prosa or play with the pfälzischen dialects and cause themselves so the documentation, care and advancement of the individual pfälzischen Idiome. They do this not only in the Pfalz, but also in the Rhine-Frankish part of the Saarland, in the pfälzischsprachigen south of Rhinehesse and Hessen as well as in the part of Baden of the Kurpfalz, thus within the entire range, within which the Pfälzer is domestic dialect.

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of dialect competitions

in the Pfalz are organized regularly competitions for dialect poets, with whom independent Juroren prices for the most successful dialect works assign. The most important competitions are in bucking home (Pfälzi dialect poet contest), THEN city, Gonbach and barrier-half/Herschberg (Web on the left of S. and.).

groupings and forums

regional unions (S. and. Web on the left of) like “literary association of the Pfalz”, “promotion circle dialect days bucking home” (both predominantly pfälzisch) or “Bosener group” (Rhine-Frankish / moselfränkisch) functions as exchange forum and protection of interests. With the annually in May taking place “Bockenheimer report to dialect days “ dial-acct-lied before public on dialects and discuss on the podium.


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Pfälzer of dialect competitions



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