Pfalz Zweibrücken

Pfalz Zweibrücken is called the Wittelsbacher duchy, which resulted to 1444 from division of the pfälzischen line Simmern Zweibrücken. This was 1410 from the Erbteilung among the sons of the cure prince Ruprecht III. of the Pfalz come out. To the first duke and Pfalzgrafen Stephan apart from the areas in the Hunsrück, at the thunder mountain and in the Vorderpfalz was awarded. Those its wife belonging county Veldenz likewise consulted and in such a way developed the duchy Pfalz Zweibrücken, which existed up to the French revolution.

If duke Stephan resided still first in Meisenheim, two-bridges were promoted after the destruction of the Residenzstadt 1477 to the capital of the duchy and remained it until 1793. Seat of the dukes was the lock two-bridges.

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