Phil Katz

Phillip W. Katz, better admits than Phil Katz (* 3. November 1962; † 14. April 2000 in Milwaukee) is the inventor „of the ZIP “- data compression.

short personal record

  • 1962, at the 3. November born in Milwaukee
  • 1977 together with a colleague it optimizes programs for programmable pocket calculators
  • 1980 Phil closes “NIC-oils High School” successfully off and writes themselves at the “University OF Wisconsin Milwaukee” as a student for “computers the science program”. From its parents walter and Hildegard Katz receives its first PC, IBM a PC with two floppy disk drives and 64 KB main memories to Phil. Phil spends its whole free time with programming and Herumstöbern in the BBS, the forerunner of the Internet. Its large love applied the computer user Groups, where it met other PC user, exchanged experiences and helped others.
  • 1981 in spring die walter, the death of the 55-jährigen of father meet Phil hard.
  • 1984 Phil successfully locks its study and begins as a programmer with “all Bradley cost”. There it wrote program code for “programmable logic CONTROLLER”.
  • “Graysoft” (today FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.) changes 1986 Phil in Milwaukee to the Softwarefirme. At night he works on his own program.
  • Graysoft leaves 1987 Phil around itself its own company of “passenger car acres” (P hil K corrode commodity) to dedicate completely.

luggage programs - PC-Zip

contrary to Linux - inventor Linus Torvalds, which is today many computer users a term, is the name Phillip W. Katz to a large extent unknown. Practically each Windowsnutzer with the ZIP compression developed by it comes into contact.

1985, in the early period of computer communication, when it still no Internet gave, files became by means of slow modems - connections and over mailbox systems (English. Bulletin Board System, BBS) exchanged. One recognized already at that time that by summarizing several files in archives and following data compression the transmission process could be highly simplified and shortened. From the different compression programs developed at that time „ARC was “of system Enhancement Associates, Inc. (SEA) the most popular, although it was considered as slow and unstably.

Phil Katz wanted to improve the speed and the efficiency and wrote at the Küchentisch of its nut/mother its own, „ARC “- compatible compression program in the machine-oriented assembler language: PKArc. He drove the program out starting from at the end of of 1985 according to at that time still new crowd commodity - the principle over Bob Mahoneys BBS and made enough money, in order to create 1986 its own company: Passenger car acres, Inc. The excited attention of SEA, which accused Phil Katz, who „ARC “- to have stolen and therefore before court went to source code. At the 1. For August 1988 negotiated amicable agreement between Phil Katz and Thom Henderson of SEA consequence carrying out, he stopped the selling of PKArc and brought PKPak out, which differed from PKArc practically only by the name.

Soon thereafter it developed however a completely new, strongly improved compression program, which „the ARC “- compression by far exceeded: PKZip - Phil cat Zip program.

The program was driven out starting from 1989, like before already PKArc, over mailboxes and achieved within short time a large popularity. Most BBS operators („SysOps “) changed ZIP from „ARC “too „“, and thus also the normal users had to use PKZip, which they did however because of the high speed and better compression gladly. Meanwhile system Enhancement Associates and their came „to ARC “- software slowly into oblivion.

In a courageous step Phil Katz explained „the ZIP “- to format (not the program) as in common-free (closely. public domain), made it thus public and cooperated even even in the info. ZIP project, for a compatible open SOURCE - version of its Deflate - and Inflate - routines. From this project many developed „for ZIP “- imitators such as WinZip, or PowerZip.

Phil Katz abhorred of Microsoft new operating system Windows and dismissed it as short-lived Modegag, so that it lasted up to the year 1996, until a Windowsversion brought passenger car acres out. At this time was however already WinZip of Nicosoft (today Winzip, Inc.) some years on the market and passenger car acres could the lost market shares never again back get.

Despite such wrong decisions passenger car acres in the meantime multi-million-dollar had become a company and by nut/mother cat Küchentisch into an office building in Brown Deer, Wisconsin north of Milwaukee had pulled. Phil Katz did there what he loved at most, programs. Often it appeared only in the afternoon or in the early evening, in order to work through the night. The daily firm business it left to its nut/mother and its coworkers.

At this time its personal problems caught up it. Its friends knew from his alcohol problem of many years and wanted it to help, however by it were rejected. It made a achtwöchige extraction cure for at the beginning of of 1999 and remained over the summer drying, caught thereafter however to drink. Mindesten four warrants of arrest were issued on it, among other things because of driving under influence of alcohol and driving without driving licence. From fear to be arrested it stayed away from its company and its luxuriösen apartment in Mequon, Wisconsin completely since 1996 and spent most time in schäbigen motels and Stripclubs.

Nevertheless he continued to program, stepped however only over fax and E-Mail with his coworkers into contact. In August 1997 a search warrant for its dwelling was issued, after its neighbours had weighted about smells, insects and mice. According to authority information the dwelling was filled kneel low with garbage and meal remainders and cat of lawyers paid to the city Mequon over 8.000 USD for cleaning, chamber hunter and legal charges. Katz continued to itself remove gradually ever from his family and his friends, until it became finally even for its own employees a stranger.

To 14. April 2000 became Phillip W. Katz in a motel room in Milwaukee dead found. It had eingecheckt there one week before and „request not to disturb “- the sign to the door had not hung. It sat in its underwear on the soil and held still an empty bottle Pfefferminzschnaps in the arm. Five further empty bottles lay in the room distributed. As cause of death a bleeding of the pancreas was determined, caused by acute alcoholism. Phil Katz became only 37 years old.

After his death passenger car acres in March 2001 by a group of investors one bought, which shifted the group of principal purposes of the final customer on business customers. The new products run on many platforms and move the coding of data into the foreground. Today passenger car acres are a constantly growing, market-focused company with scarcely one hundred employees at the locations Brown Deer, Wisconsin, Dayton (Ohio) and San Francisco.

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