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Phillip Chapman Lesh (* 15. March 1940 in Berkeley, California; usually only Phil Lesh) is a musician, who admits DEAD particularly by its role as bassist of the Grateful became.

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Phil Lesh began to play with 14 years trumpet. It began to study to the UC Berkeley however it fallow in the middle in the first term off. It wrote itself in the class of the composer Luciano Berio at the Mill's college, where it studied avant-garde and electronic music with Tom Constanten, which should likewise belong to the Grateful DEAD later for short time. One its Klassenkamerade was Steve realm. Here to compose more hatter it finally the possibility own pieces. As he a daily Jerry Garcia banjo to play heard asked it it in the radio ending to play, for which he was active as a clay/tone engineer. It and Garcia became fast befriends.

1965 - 1995

1965 was Lesh, Garcia and Bob Weir everything with the same party in Paolo Alto. In Garcias car they smoked grass and Lesh mentioned that it was interested in it an electrical instrument to learn, perhaps bass. Lesh visited the next appearance of the being LOCKs and invited with the volumes bass to play. The volume changed its names soon in Grateful DEAD and Phil Lesh remained up to the end member of the group. Its influence on the group consisted less in Songwriting and singing, than playing rather in its singular way bass. Contrary to many “traditional” skirt bassists he understands as part the Rhytmusgruppe does not separate himself plays his instrument more like one melody instrument. As its largest influence it calls Johann Sebastian brook whereby one in addition, loans with Charles Mingus or Jimmy Garrison with it to hear can.

Beside the Grateful DEAD cooperates Phil Lesh strongly in David Crosbys solo debut If I Could Only Remember My name (1971). it terminated 1975 together with Ned Lagin the piece of “Seastones”. As cybernetic bio music was described and the two used for it a large plant with computers and technical devices around Impressionisti sound samples to produce. Jerry Garcia, Grace Slick and David Crosby supported them with the project. 1974 had already specified Lesh and Lagin similar music into tracing the Grateful DEAD of concerts. Apart from these rare solo activities Phil Lesh concentrated mainly on the work with Grateful DEAD.

1995 - presence

after the end of the group gave it with the former members Bob Weir and Mickey hard to reunification under the name a The OTHER Ones (after a well-known Grateful DEAD piece). Meanwhile The renamed themselves OTHER Ones in The DEAD and are further regular on route. In December 1998 Phil Lesh of a Lebertransplantation underwent. 1999 was already it with in the year before the created Phil Lesh & Friends route and published in the autumn its first solo album, a live-memo cut. Further routes with Phil Lesh & Friends, among other things also with Bob a Dylan followed. The LINE UP that volume changes regularly, and was only from 2000 to 2003 equal. In this time also the first Studioalbum There and appeared bakes Again (2002). The album contains some new compositions of Phil Lesh as well as Robert Hunter, which already wrote the texts for Jerry Garcia. In addition also pieces of the volume members as well as an old Grateful DEAD classical author are to be heard. As is the case for all Grateful DEAD concerts is it the fans also with Phil Lesh & Friends permits the concerts with microphones to memo-cut and the photographs not-come-obtains to exchange. Phil Lesh goes even so far own Mitschnitte in the Internet placing to its fans to the Download to the order. The quality of these photographs reaches nearly CD quality, particularly since it makes it it to loss-free compression available ( contrary to mp3 or ogg). In April 2005 Phil Lesh published the book Searching for the sound: My would run with the Grateful DEAD so far did not appear on German. It is thereby the first member of the Grateful DEAD, which wrote a book.


was born as 1986 its first son locked Phil life insurance. During the pertinent medical examination it was stated that Phil at the liver illness hepatitis C suffers. He assumes that he had been infected in the middle of the 60's and its strong consumption of alcohol had strengthened the illness. 1990 heard Phil drink completely on alcohol and became vegetarian. 1995 died its father-in-law at liver cancer, which had been released by hepatitis C. In the course of the years its condition and 1998 worsened were then a Transplantation necessary. In September it had a collapse and had in the hospital. It was several times said to his Mrs. Jill that he would not get over the night probably. In December it could be operated then. The operation ran well and already 12 hours later could it the bed for a short walk leave. Since Phil Lesh survived only because of a donor liver and blood transplant ions, he recruits since his operation with each concert to become and also at other opportunities for it blood and organ donors.


began instruments Phil Lesh with a Gibson EB0, from which he changed then to a Fender jazz bass. 1968 and 1969 he played a Guild Starfire bass, which is to be heard live DEAD also on the album. The next instrument was a strongly modified Gibson EB3. This bass was stolen to him and it played again the Starfire, which had meanwhile new pick-ups and other changes. This bass can be heard on Europe ' 72. 1973 got Phil Lesh its first Alembic 4-Saiten-Bass. Afterwards it played a bass of Doug Irwin, which had built also guitars for Jerry Garcia, and from time to time an old Fender jazz. Into the early 80ern he got then its first Modulus 6-Saiten-Bass. With such basses Phil Lesh plays this very day.


  • 1999 - Love wants lake You Through
  • 2002 - There and bake Again
  • 2005 - Searching for the sound: My would run into the Grateful DEAD (Phil Lesh reads from its biography.)

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