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map of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia emphasized
base data
based: 27. October 1682
state: The USA
Federal State: Pennsylvania
County: Philadelphia County
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 39° 57 ′ 11 ″N 75° 9 ′ 48 ″ W
time belt: Eastern standard Time (UTC-5)
- Metropolregion:
1.470.151 (1. July 2004)
population density: 4.337, 3 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 3-132 m and. NN
surface: 349.9 km ²
of it 330.3 km ² country
city arrangement: 12 urban districts
postal zip codes: 19019-19255
preselection: 215
web page: [1]
mayor: John F. Street (that.)
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Philadelphia is a city in the US Federal State Pennsylvania in the United States of America. With a number of inhabitants of 1.470.000 (2004) it is the fifth-largest city of the USA. The city is because of the Delaware River. The pointed name of Philadelphia reads Philly or also town center OF Brotherly Love, which a translation of the Greek name of Philadelphia is (of gr. philo “love” and gr. adelphos “brother”).

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historical map (around 1888)

neighbour municipalities


development [2]

1790 - 28.522
1800 - 41.220
1810 - 53.722
1820 - 63.802
1830 - 80.462
1840 - 93.665
1850 - 121.376
1860 - 565.529
1870 - 674.022
1880 - 847.170
1890 - 1.046.964
1900 - 1.293.697
1910 - 1.549.008
1920 - 1.823.779
1930 - 1.950.961
1940 - 1.931.334
1950 - 2.071.605
1960 - 2.002.512
1970 - 1.948.609
1980 - 1.688.210
1990 - 1.585.577
2000 - 1.517.550

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities thatThe USA. Planned by Stadtgründer William Penn 1681 as capital of the Quäker - colony Pennsylvania. Philadelphia was to New York (1788-1790) the second capital of the United States of America (1790-1800) up to the completion of the new capital Washington, D.C.. In Philadelphia became to 4. July 1776 those , Like also the condition to 17 decided and announces declaration of independence. July 1787. To in early 19. Century was it also the largest city of the USA and occasional the largest English-language city to the west of London.

The famous liberty bell, Liberty Bell, those before as symbolthe wars of independence by the country had traveled, is since 1915 again in the city and hangs since 2003 to particularly for this purpose created exhibition building; together with the Independence resound, in which it hung once, accommodates Philadelphia thereby to two of the most important symbolicPlaces of the United States of America.

1683 came 13 German Mennonitenfamilien from Krefeld with the ship „Concord “to Philadelphia and established themselves in the suburb created again by Franz Daniel Pastorius named Germantown. In Germantown also one of the most famous daughters sawthe city, the actress Grace Kelly, the light of the world.

In Philadelphia are besides the oldest post office as well as the two first banks of the USA.


partnerships between cities

Philadelphia have ten twin cities: Douala (Cameroon), Florenz (Italy), Incheon (South Korea), Nischni Nowgorod (Russia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tianjin (China), Thorn (Poland), Aix EN Provence (France), Kobe (Japan) and Mosul (Iraq).

culture and objects of interest




economics and infrastructure


Philadelphia is seat of several higher institutions for education, u.a.des Curtis of institutesOF music, Thomas Jefferson University, the University OF Pennsylvania, the Temple University and the Drexel University.

sons and daughters of the city

in Philadelphia were born many late famous citizens become. See: List of the sons and daughters of the cityPhiladelphia.


of films, those in Philadelphia Rocky

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