Philanthropin (Frankenthal/Pfalz)

in the year 1780 created Philanthropin in Frankenthal (Pfalz) decreases/goes back to the ideas of the philanthropistism .

The building of the Frankenthaler Philantropins

differently than the Philantropin (Dessau), which due to the ideas of Basedow and Campe a educational establishment for boys was, concerns it with the Philantropin in Frankenthal a higher educational establishment for girls. With permission of the kurfürstlich pfälzischen government Mrs. L'Ecuyer from Neuchâtel at the beginning of of 1780 created Bildungsinstitut for girls of Protestant religion in Frankenthal (Pfalz). This educating house was called starting from August 1780 “Philantropin”.

After the foundress of the school at the end of of 1781 had deceased, became in the year 1782 likewise out Neuchâtel coming Esther de Gélieu and Madame Moisonnier from the kurpfälzischen government to new chiefs of the school appoint, whereby the educational line was incumbent on Esther de Gélieu. In November 1782 the pfälzische cure prince Karl Theodor recognized Institut as national institute on. The Frankenthaler Philantropin is to be regarded therefore as the first national higher Mädchenschule in Germany.

After in connection with a controversy over the principles both Ms de Gélieu gave out also Ms Moissonnier the common line of the school to the education up in the year 1786, the Mrs. Bertrand again originating from Neuchâtel was adjusted, in order to continue the school. She was the widow of a teacher at the there High School and had before the offer to become as Gouvernante at the English king yard actively rejected. After in the context of the French coalition wars the linksrheinischen areas of the Kurpfalz fell under French rule, tried Mrs. Bertrand still for some time to keep the enterprise of the school in rechtsrheinischem area upright. The fortune of the school, in particular the school library, was seized and auctioneered by the French crew.

Today the Karolinen High School in Frankenthal (Pfalz) understands itself as a successor of the Philantropins.


  • Maisel, Hans: History of the kurpfälzischen Philantropins to Frankenthal (1780-1799), Frankenthal 1889

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