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Philip Cortelyou Johnson (* 8. July 1906 in Cleveland, Ohio; † 25. January 2005 in new Canaan) was US - an American architecture critic and architect. It formed 20 together with Henry trunk Hitchcock in the thirties . Century the term internationally Style for the modern architecture of that time. Later it became one the joint founder of the postmodernism and Dekonstruktivisti architecture.

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the canopy in roof lots the church in new Harmony, Indiana, the USA from the year 1960

Philip Johnson was born as a son of a wealthy lawyer. It studied philology to the Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From 1930 to 1936 it led the department of architecture at the museum OF decaying kind in New York. it gave 1932 together with Henry Russell Hitchcock the publication” The internationally Style: Architecture sinks 1922 “out, which appeared to the exhibition of the same name. This attributed modern architecture on the basis selected examples of the European architecture of the preceding decade to three basic principles: Architecture as volume, regularity as arranging means, decoration as does not permit. Although Johnson and Hitchcock had not included many aspects of the avant-garde architecture of that time into their view, the new style direction became already soon the being certain term in architectural history.

In the 30's Philip Johnson sympathized with the ideas of the national socialism. Even in later years verhehlte it this never. By it the utterance is delivered: “I would build also for the devil! ”

As its stamping SAM width units experience-eat described it the attendance of the cathedral of Chatre as a child with his nut/mother.

1940 to 1943 completed Philip Johnson in Harvard an architecture study with walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. Starting from 1942 Johnson worked as a free lance architect in Cambridge. 1946 he became again a director of the department of architecture at New Yorker museums the OF decaying kind. 1947 it organized an exhibition over Ludwig bad there van the raw one. With its own house, the Glass House in new Canaan, which saves only the wet cell as bricked core and all 4 external walls from glass has, it publicised the concept of the a space house. As model served it the Farnsworth House of Ludwig bad van the raw one. He built still further generous, light-through-flooded Bungalows in new Canaan, which in the tradition of the Barcelona pavilion of bad van the raw one , with open sketches and much glass. 1953 he arranged the sculpture yard museum of the OF decaying kind. Together with bad van the raw one established it 1954 to 1958 in New York the Seagram Building, which is considered as milestone of modern architecture.

At the same time Johnson in its drafts changed the stylistic idiom, radical functionality from manieristisch playful forms was replaced. In the foreground stood now among other things the intention of lending to the building an unmistakable identity. Johnson became in such a way the Wegbereiter of post office-modern architecture. Colored window slots, symmetrical round elbow rows and closed, heavy bodies are at its buildings of the sixties.

1967 became an architect John Burgee its business partner. Johnson/Burgee built together some remarkable Wolkenkratzer, which set salient accents in the townscape by the employment of historisierender architecture quotations at the fronts starting from the seventies. To its drafts at&T multistoried building belongs in New York town center from the year 1984, one of the most well-known buildings in the style of the post office modernism. In other buildings Johnson used elements of antique Roman architecture.

With the exhibition, Deconstructivist Architecture ", which he organized 1988 with Marks of Wigley at the MoMA, it help Dekonstruktivisti architecture to the break-through.

In Germany Johnson was likewise active: Thus it created 1997 in Berlin in the years 1994 - to the Friedrichstrasse, not far from the former border crossing checkpoint Charlie far away, an office center, which carries its name.

Five months after Johnsons death, to 12. September 2005, posthum „the Urban Glass House “in New Yorker jump Street begun. The completion is to Johnsons 100. Birthday in the late summer 2006 intended.


in new Harmony, Indiana , the roofridge Award OF the American of institutes OF Architects received honors Philip Johnson in the year 1961 for the roof lots. In the year 1979 it was distinguished with the Pritzker price.


Die Kunsthalle Bielefeld
the arts center Bielefeld

Philip Johnson builds among other things the following buildings:

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