Philip Morrison

Philip Morrison (* 7. November 1915 in Somerville, new jersey; † 22. April 2005 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) was institute professor, emeritierter professor for physics and taught for a long time among other things at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH).

With physics he came as a radio amateur, who already possessed a license with twelve years, into contact. A child paralysis limited it since the youth in its freedom of movement, so that it needed a stick as support. It buildup in Pittsburgh , where it also the Communist Youth League joined.

In Berkeley it showed its large gift for physics in the study. In the year 1940 it attained a doctorate with Robert Oppenheimer. Subsequently, he received a training order at the University OF Illinois. For Enrico Fermi he took over research work.

With beginning of the war he became coworker in the Manhattan so mentioned Project, with which the first atom bomb was developed. To 12. July 1945 it transported two crates with plutonium of the Los Alamos national Laboratory in Los Alamos by new Mexico to the test area of Alamogordo. It made the installation of the bomb core with others. It described lightning of the atom bomb as follows: „It was, as if one opens a furnace and the sun comes as out with a sunrise “.

Three weeks later he installed the core of the bomb on the Pacific island Tinian „Fat one “, which was thrown off on Nagasaki. In Nagasaki he could see the effect of the bomb with own eyes shortly thereafter. Like many different he became an active opponent of nuclear armament and proponent of atomic arms control. As a member „of the Federation OF Atomic Scientist “it published many articles and books.

In the McCarthy era he was accused of his communist past. Still into the 1990ern it, he was attached feeler gauge of the Soviet Union was alleged. After 1945 it went to the Cornell University and to it to the WITH. Then it turned ever more to astrophysics . Starting from 1959 it pleaded to research after radio signals from space. Later it engaged itself for NASA - the project „search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence “(SETI).

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