Philipp Franck

Philipp Franck (* 9. April 1860 in Frankfurt/Main; † 1944) were a German painter.

Franck came with 17 years to Städel Kunstinstitut and became pupil of professors Heinrich Hasselhorst and Eduard von Steinle. With guidance Steinles began to illustrate Franck during this time also romantic fairy tales.

1879 went to Franck to crowning mountain /Taunus and followed the there painter colony . There it got used to itself also with Anton citizen, with whom it took private hours until 1881 also. Franck had its own opinions to illustrate nature and therefore went it to the academy of arts Duesseldorf. In addition the painter Jakob fear God Dielmann had guessed/advised it and had helped.

There it remained until 1887 and was among other things Pupil by Eduard von Gebhardt and Eugen Dücker. 1892 got Franck with Fürsprache of its teachers a call to the academy of arts to Berlin. There it made itself already soon a name, when it reformed indication instruction. 1898 been promoted Franck to the professor and 1915 one entrusted him with the line of the citizens of Berlin royal art school.

Together with Lovis Corinth and max dear man Franck 1898 the citizens of Berlin secession created.

In the years 1913 and 1938 Franck spent some weeks several times annually with its friends in crowning mountain.

At the age of 84 years Professor died. Philipp Franck 1944. He was the grandfather of the sculptress Inge-borrows Hunzinger.

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