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Philipp franc (* 20. March 1884 in Vienna; † 21. July 1966 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the USA) was a philosopher, a physicist and a mathematician.

Philipp franc studied physics with Ludwig Boltzmann at the University of Vienna and attained a doctorate there in theoretical physics in the year 1907. Already since the study time interested it philosophical questions and came it into contact with the Viennese circle. It was friendly with Ludwig of bad. From co-operation among other things the book Differentiagleichungen and integral equations of the mechanics and physics ( 1925) followed.

Franc wrote a work over causality. Albert Einstein was impressed of francs ideas and it gave one moves exchange between both. Franc habilitierte itself and became lecturer at the University of Vienna in the year 1910. On Einstein's recommendation franc became in 1912 its successor at the German university in Prague, where it remained until 1938. Due to the invasion of the armed forces and smashing the Viennese of circle franc emigrated into the USA. There he was first guest lecturer and afterwards lecturer in physics and mathematics at Harvard University. Its friend of bad followed it after Harvard. Franc wrote a biography over Einstein with the title: Its life and its time.

Franc worked in several areas of mathematics: Variation calculation, Fourierreihen, function area, geometrical optics, Schroedinger wave mechanics and relativity theory. Its publications cover a wide range.


  • The Law OF Causality and Its of limit (Vienna Circle Collection)

Philipp franc et al. (1997)

  • Foundations OF Physics (Foundations OF the Unity OF Science of volume. 1 No. 7)
  • The validation OF scientific theories
  • Relativity and its astronomical implications: The significance OF general relativity presented into the LANGUAGE OF the layman
  • Thermodynamics
  • Between physics and philosophy
  • interpretation and bad interpretation OF decay physics
  • Relativity: A more richer truth (Seeds OF thought series)
  • Einstein: Its life and its time: Vieweg publishing house, Wiesbaden, 1979 ISBN/ISSN: 3-528-08437-5
  • the differential and integral equations of the mechanics and physics, 1930
  • the causal law and its borders, 1988
  • decaying science and its philosophy, 1955
  • Philosophy OF science
  • truth - relative or absolute? , 1952
  • The validation OF scientific theories, 1961

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