Philipp baron von Boeselager

Philipp baron von Boeselager (* 6. September 1917 on castle home ore home with Bonn) is the last survivor of the internal circle of the military group of resistances against Hitler around major general Henning of Tresckow and Colonels Claus count gives from Stauffenberg.


its parents' house was coined/shaped by the rheinischen catholicism. In the year 1936 it made its Abitur in the Aloisiuskolleg of the Jesuitenordens in Godesberg.

In March 1943 was involved of gust camp in an assassination attempt in Hitler. In the elitären infantry regiment 11 it had developed a army-technical test unit and thus different German and captured explosives to procure to be able itself (the explosive for the assassination attempt on Hitler of 20. July 1944 procured however, against a mistake, not from gust camp, but Wessel Freytag of Loringhoven). From this it met a selection for two bombs, which should kill Hitler in the airplane after an attendance at the east front after attempts. The assassination attempt failed, as it said, since the fuzes in the Russian frost had frozen, it was extremely surprised of the message of the safe landing of Hitler's airplane.

Together with his brother major Georg baron von Boeselager it belonged to the conspirators 20. July 1944. It kommandierte on that day a Kavallerieeinheit, which should help to occupy after force rides “leaderless” Berlin. When it experienced from the failure of the notice on Hitler, it let turn back immediately, in order to return and remain unnoticed again to the old positions. It survived, because all Mitverschwörer was silent.

1948 he married pink Maria Gräfin von Westphalen and pulled on the castle cross mountain with old person-feeds. Into the 1950er years belonged it to the personnel panel of experts, which decided on the installation of former armed forces officers into the German Federal Armed Forces.

It is carrier of the large Order of Merit and in January 2004 the officer of the French Ehrenlegion was appointed. To 15. June 2005 he was appointed the first honour citizen of the district Ahrweiler. Is from gust camp honour member of the K.D.St.V. Ripuaria Bonn in the CV.


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