Philipp Karcher

Philipp Karcher (* 1. August 1837 in Kaiserslautern; † 10. January 1894 in Frankenthal) was a German entrepreneur, whose social innovations are closely with its effect place Frankenthal in the today's Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate linked.

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Karcher was the secondaryoldest son emperor-louder sugar manufacturers of the Franz Karcher and its wife Katharina Benzino. 1865 he married Wilhelmina Paulina Henel, which admits later than Mina Karcher became.

training and occupation

Karcher visited the elementary school in Kaiserslautern and changed - after the removal of its parents after Frankenthal - on the there pro High School. Subsequently, it studied in Karlsruhe at the technical university. 1856 it began its practical training in the Rohrzuckerfabrik calf, one year later took place the change to France to the sugar factory Lille.

Karchers father as well as its brother Carl Heinrich Karcher had transferred a Frankenthaler factory, which operated sugar beets finished and a small refinery to the 1840er years. 1859 occurred Philipp Karcher at that time this enterprise, that the name F. and C. Karcher carried. When he finally took over 1873 the line, he converted the exempt private company into the corporation sugar factory Frankenthal , whose steep ascent began to occasional largest refinery of Germany with it.

social one of earnings/services

Karchers Wahlspruch was: “Who fulfills the own obligation, which respects rights of others, which helps next ones, promotes luck and satisfaction in the human society.” Therefore it began for the equivalence of capital and work and brought themselves - together with its wife - numerous social projects into being. It promoted schools, fire-brigade, pension funds for widows and orphans and created a kindergarten in-house as well as workers' housing estates to affordable rent.

honours in Frankenthal

  • Philipp Karcher monument with 1904 a Büste donated by the workers of the sugar factory (today's location: Stephan Cosacchi place before restored main building the sugar factory)
  • Philipp Karcher road in the proximity of the sugar factory
  • Mina Karcher place (after the wife) in the proximity of the sugar factory
  • Philipp Karcher house as art gallery in the historical building of the kindergarten of the sugar factory (2003 resolution of the town councillor, 2005 beginning of reorganization and change)


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