Philipp cellar

Professor. Dr. Philipp cellar (* 19. December 1891 in Aachen; † 20. May 1973 ebenda) was a German physician (dermatologist) and writer.

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cellar visited the emperor William High School in Aachen and completed there 1910 its Abitur. Subsequently, it began a medicine study in Munich, changed however after three terms to the emperor William academy to Berlin. Later it went to the university clinic to Freiburg into mash gau. During its study cellar got used to itself with walter Benjamin and Christoph Friedrich Heinle, which at the same time as it likewise in Freiburg studied.

During the First World War cellar had been obligated as a field auxiliary physician. To 14. It attained a doctorate to February 1917 with Professor. Hans Oehler with the work the surgical treatment ulcus ventriculi and its subsequent conditions. Already to 25. January 1917 had received its license to practise medicine to cellar as a physician.

1919 received an employment to cellar as an assistant at the skin hospital (Maria helping hospital) in Aachen under the direction of Professor. Paulus. In the years 1920 to 1933 he was an assistant and upper physician at the university clinic Freiburg in mash gau under the direction of Professor. George Alexander rust. In this time cellar habilitierte itself also over the effect ultraviolet light on the skin with special consideration of the dosage (1924) and became also a.o. Professor. (1928) appointed.

Starting from 1934 cellar made itself independent and established themselves until 1946 in Aachen as an independent physician. 1947 one appointed it as the Chefarzt of the skin hospital in Aachen. Together with his colleagues George Alexander rust and Alfred Marchionini he researched also in the area of the Tuberkulose therapy.

works (scientific nature)

  • the treatment ulcus ventriculi and its subsequent conditions. - Freibur i.B., Univ., Diss., 1917
  • over the effect of the ultraviolet light on the skin with special consideration of the dosage. - Freiburg i.B., Univ., Habilitationsschr., 1923

works (belletristischer nature)

  • Aachener yearbook. - Aachen: Fölschle, 1910
  • Ärmliche of conditions. - Aachen: Alano Verl., 1994 - ISBN of 3-89399-213-8
  • mixed feelings. - Stuttgart: Klett Cotta, 1990. - ISBN 3-608-95329-9 <Repr. D. Expenditure. Leipzig 1913>

Cellar published likewise two narrations in the year 1913: “The giant” and “the beginner” in expressionistischen magazines (see. The new art, Jg. 1, number 2, S. 161 FF. and the revolution, Jg. 1913, No. 4, s.p.)


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  • Löhe, Heinrich: The dermatologists of German language. - Leipzig: Berth, 1955


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