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Philipp Heinrich sheath man (* 26. July 1865 in Kassel; † 29. November 1939 in Copenhagen) was a social-democratic politician. He was the first realm chancellor (at that time Prime Minister called) of the Weimar Republic.

To 9. November 1918 called sheath man of a window of the Realm tag building and shortly thereafter of a window of the Reichskanzlei the republic. Sheath man belonged at present to the Weimar Republic the realm banner black-red-golden .

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lives and occupation

26. July1865 were born Philipp sheath man as a son of a Polsterermeisters in Kassel. In Kassel it visited both the citizen school and the higher citizen school. After its education it completed a theory from 1879 to 1883 to the Schriftsetzer and printer. Its living costs earned himself he into thatthe following years as writing typesetter assistant, factor and an editor with socialist newspapers. Under the alias Henner Piffendeckel it published some books in Kasseler dialect.

To 4. Members of the right-wing extremists organization Consul an assassination attempt with prussic acid committed June 1922 - during his term of office as mayors of Kassel -on it. After the seizure of power of the national socialists to 30. January 1933 left sheath man Germany and fled first to Prague, before it emigrierte via Switzerland , France and the USA to Denmark. To 29. November 1939 it died in Copenhagen.

a party

In the year 1883 sheath man occurred as a convinced socialist the SPD. From 1911 to 1918 sheath man was first in the party executive committee of the SPD, last common with Friedrich Ebert as a party chairman.


1903 became sheath man for the constituency Duesseldorf 3 for the first time into thatReichstag of the empire selected, where it was from 1913 to 1918 one of the two chairmen of the SPD faction. From June to October 1918 he was vice-president of the realm daily.1919 /20 it belonged to that Weimar national assembly . Subsequently, he was again until 1933 a realm tag delegate. Its exposurethe co-operation of realm resistance and the Red Army 1926 led to the resignation of the government Marx.

During the First World War sheath man turned against propaganda for a victory peace and occurred for a communication peace.

In Kassel was sheath man from 1908 to 1911 of city delegates.

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Public offices

1918 was sheath man under max of bathing undersecretary of state, it put however after the resignation emperor Wilhelms II. its office down and announced to 9. November 1918 the German republic.

In the process of the November revolution it became member in the advice of the people-assigned together with Friedrich Ebert, and Otto Landsberg of the SPD, as well as Hugo Haase, William Dittmann and Emil Barth of the USPD. Of 13. February up to 20. June 1919 was sheath man the first realm Prime Minister (realm chancellor) of a democratically selected governmentin Germany, withdrew however for reasons with regard to foreign policy. It had committed itself against the signing of the Versailler of contract - rather, then it said, should to it the hand dry up.

As a successor of Erich cook was sheath man mayor in Kassel from 1920 to 1925.

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