Philipp William young

Philipp William young (* 16. September 1884 in down Flörsheim; † 9. September 1965 in Worms) was a German politician of the NSDAP.

Young Council of State was following and starting from 20 starting from March 1933. September 1933 appointed Prime Minister of the republic Hessen. It replaced Ferdinand Werner, which was likewise member of the NSDAP, in this function. Philipp William young remained up to the 1. March 1935 Prime Minister.

Subsequently, he was a head of the provincial government of the Saarland, before heduring the Second World War as mayors Wiens one used. It solved to 14. December 1940 Hermann Neubacher off and became even to 30. December 1943 by Hanns Blaschke replaces.


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