Philipp William to Boineburg

Philipp William realm count to Boineburg (* 22. November 1656 in Mainz; † 23. February 1717 in Erfurt) was a seventh Kurmainzi governor Erfurts.

Philipp William bereiste 1671 Strasbourg. Starting from the year 1672 it was with its Mentor Gottfried William Leibniz in Paris . After it returns in the year 1677 to Mainz, he becomes Dragoon - officer. The mainzer envoys Gudenus Philipp William beordert in the year 1689 to Vienna. In the year 1691 he is appointed from the emperor to the realm yard advice. 1697 he becomes realm count. After it to 8. August 1702 was appointed the governor Erfurts, steps it this office to 9. March of the yearly 1703 on.

Erfurt had been afflicted 1683 by the plague, which had cost more than 60% of the population their life. Boineburg used itself for the recovery of the bad states in the administration. It arranged measures to the stimulation of trade and trade, which lay also in the interest of the cure-Main-hissed treasury.

Boineburg donated a new, catholic Professur for history and moral philosophy at the University of Erfurt

in the year 1705 start it the office of the rector of the university. Philipp William gives the library of its father Johann Christian von Boineburg to the University of Erfurt. It is today in the possession of the scientific general library Erfurt. As first director of this library it used its son. The library catalog was provided by Gottfried William Leibnitz.

In Boineburgs term of office developed the Erfurter balance (today meadow museum) and the government in the government road.

After its death in the year 1717 Boineburg was buried in the yard church of the governors, the Wigbertikirche.


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