Philipp of Natik Ludom

Philipp of Natik Ludom (*4. May 1842 in old waste dump lives) was a Prussian politician and from 1872 to 1876 editor-in-chief „of the cross newspaper “.

He was the son of Philipp angel hard of Natick, studied in Heidelberg and resounds to jurisprudence and history, learned then agriculture among other things in Hundisburg and Ludom in the circle Obornik began 1865 the possession of the manor. In the autumn 1872 he transferred the editorship of the “cross newspaper “, which he however 1876 laid down again, in order to return to Ludom. But it kept the line of the “realm messenger” created by it and took part also in the education of the “German (strict) a conservative party”. 1877 he was selected in Minden in Reichstag.


a conservative party and Ministry, Berlin 1872
the civil marriage, Berlin 1872
Ständi arrangement and circle order, Berlin 1872
conservative position, Berlin 1876


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