Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman (* 2. May 1906 in Riga, Latvia; † 25. June 1979 New York) was a photographer and is famous for its Portraits. Over decades he worked for the magazine would run and its works over 100 times as frontispiece was published.


Philippe Halsman, who called itself since its emigration 1931 to Paris Philipp neck man, was born in Latvia as a son of the dentist Morduch max and the teacher Ita neck man. After the Abitur in Riga Philippe took up a study of electro-technology to Dresden and worked besides already freelance for the Ullstein publishing house as a photographer.

To 10. September 1928 died the father with one together with Philippe undertaken mountain migration into Austria under until today not clarified circumstances. There were no witnesses and the indications spoke for a death by force. Philippe was locked immediately, although obviously no motives were present with him. The murder trial excited attention in completely Europe. Despite its innocence asseverations Philippe was condemned by a Innsbrucker jury to ten years dungeon detention. In the surrounding field of the process it came to various anti-Semitic expressions. In an appointment procedure he was finally condemned to four years dungeon detention. Albert Einstein, Thomas man, Erich pious and victory mouth Freud sat down for an acquietal and/or. later for a pardon Halsmans. Particularly Heinrich Eduard Jacob, at that time boss of the Central European office citizens of Berlin of the day sheet in Vienna - beside Emil plaintiff (new free ones press, Vienna) as well as Rudolf Olden of responsible correspondents - used itself journalistically for Halsman, by he several investigated shining, law-critical contributions published. At that time a violent fight between the psychiatry and the relatively recent psychology was inflamed. Freuds theory of the Ödipus complex was discussed and excluded from Freud and pious in newspaper contributions expressis to for this case. Under the many requests for grace the initiative of jurors of the second process is remarkable. Ten of twelve jurors signed the Petition, in which they insist expressly on the Wahrspruch, but stated that Halsmans family was heavyexamined and the judgement is only based on indications. Halsman became to 30. Septembers 1930 of Austrian Federal President Wilhelm Miklas begnadigt and at the same time the country referred.

After a short recuperative vacation in South Tyrol it pulled to its sister to Paris. It made out its youth hobbies, now finally its occupation for the photography and opened 1931 into of Paris a photo studio and called themselves from now on Philippe Halsman. Soon became it admits for its Portraits and mode photos. Besides it studied to the Sorbonne. After the occupation of France by Germany 1940 the emigration aimed at by it was refused to it into the USA. Only by the Fürsprache of Albert Einstein it received the visa into the new world.

In the USA it was immediately active Halsman as pressing and a mode photographer and that obviously so successfully that he would already run in the year after with the magazine, which Nonplusultra of the photo report at that time got, a firm employment. 1945 were appointed Halsman the president of the “American Society OF of magazines Photographers “. Unsurpassed and far away also today still admits is Halsmans Portrait of Albert Einstein from the year 1947. The unusual quality of its pictures shows up also in the fact that Halsman over 20 years delivered long so good pictures that altogether 103 of its photos as Cover for the appearing weekly would run served, more than from every other photographer.

As speciality its were considered „to Jump Pictures” from politicians and personalities of the public life, whom he realized 1959: The Porträtierten should jump off for the Portrait the soil, for the moment the jump it was held - on the picture they seem to float. Particularly became this self-willed Ganzkörper Portraits of US president admits Nixon, to the artist Salvador Dalí, the Filmkomiker Fernandel or the pair of dukes of Windsor. As „Jump Book” these pictures in the same year were published.

1960, at present the cold war, he photographed with a longer stay in Russia of haven advice of the Soviet elite for would run. 1963 were appointed Halsman the member „of the Famous Photographers School”.

With Salvador Dalí remained a photographer lifelong in a friendly manner connected and co-operated over 30 years with the artist, whereby the surrealistische impact is unmistakable in the photographies of Philippe Halsman.

National the Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian institution in Washington D.C. dedicated Halsman of 6. November 1998 to 7. February 1999 a retrospective.


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