Philippe Noiret

Philippe Noiret (* 1. October 1930 in Lille) is a French actor. It arises in the theatre, film and television.

The play training completed Noiret at the Centre Dramatique de l'Ouest. It played so far in over 120 films also. Its film career began it 1948 in the US-American film Gigi. Its most well-known Filmrollen are

  • the D'Artagnan in D'Artagnans daughter (La Fille de d'Artagnan, 1994),
  • the Pablo Neruda in the post office man (IL Postino, 1994),
  • the Alfredo and/or. Felix in Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo cinema Paradiso, 1988),
  • the René into the corruptible ones (Les Ripoux, 1984),
  • which Lucien in that rushing universe (coup de torque-hone, 1981) and
  • the Philippe into the large food (La Grande bouffe, 1973).

Noiret won so far two César Awards, the French alternative to the US-American OSCAR. Noiret is married since 1962 with the French actress Monique Chaumette.

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