Philippe Soupault

Philippe Soupault (* 2. August 1897 in Chaville (Seine RK Oise) with Paris; † 12. March 1990 in Paris) was a French poet and writer.

Soupault made the acquaintance with Marcel Proust and Apollinaire in recent years; by the latters he became acquainted with 1917 André Breton and by this Louis Aragon . Too third these create the newspaper “Litterature “, which is at that time still strongly of dada affected (33 numbers until 1924).

Therein the first so-called automatic texts ( ecriture automatique) appeared affected, by Pierre Janet. The automatic print attempts written together by Philippe Soupault and André Breton were the first surrealistischen texts at all and appeared 1921 in book form as “Les champs magnetiques” (the magnetic fields).

After the decay to that Paris Dadaismusbewegung belonged it first to starting from 1924 acting Surrealismus - the movement, departed however from this by its increasingly journalistic manipulation and its refusal to along-carry out the political turn of the group to communism; in addition it wrote novels, what applied with the Surrealisten as verpönt, and to 1927 from the group was in such a way excluded; nevertheless he regarded himself up to his end of life as Surrealist. He wrote numerous novels, essays and poems.


  • , Chagall illustrates works wind rose , (1920) with André
  • Breton the magnetic fields (written 1920, 1921 appeared) the last
  • play, novel, (1925) the negro
  • , novel, (1927) Monographie Henri
  • Rousseau (1927 ) the last
  • nights of Paris, novel from Marks, (1928)

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