Philippe de Broca

Philippe de Broca (* 15. March 1933 in Paris; † 26. November 2004 in the Neuilly sur Seine with Paris) was a French film director.

De Broca originated from French small aristocracy. With well-known directors such as Claude Chabrol and François Truffaut he learned his handicraft as a Regieassistent. In Chabrols first film “Le beau Philippe de Broca a small role played Serge” (1958). Before Georges Lacombe and Henri Decoin were its instructors.

It turned films with star such as Jean Pierre Cassel, Françoise Dorléac, Jean Paul Belmondo, Yves Montand, Philippe Noiret and Catherine Deneuve. In film circles de Broca was called also „Komiker of the new wave “. Particularly in the post-war period De Broca turned numerous comedies, comedies and adventure films. By his films „Cartouche the bandit “(1962) and „adventures in Rio “(1963) with Belmondo in the main roles de Broca became admits. he received 1959 for his film „dear plays “(with Jean Pierre Cassel) in Berlin one „silver bears “and the price of the German film criticism.

De Broca died to 26. November 2004 at the age of 71 years in the American hospital of the Neuilly sur Seine at a cancer suffering. At the beginning of of October 2004 came into France its last film „Vipère outer Poing “(viper in the fist) into the cinemas. Whose start could he due to his illness no more with already pursue. Since death de Broca´s became the film in France the cash hit.


  • Vipère outer poing (2004) (viper in the fist)
  • Amazone (2000) (Amazone)
  • Le bossu (1997) (duel of the swords)
  • Les clés you paradis (1991) (mixed double)
  • Les mille et une nuits (1990) (Sheherazade - with 1001 HP in the adventure)
  • Chouans! (1988) ((Chouans! - Revolution and passion/Freibeuter of power)
  • La Gitane (1986) (La Gitane - nothing when annoyance with the Mrs.)
  • L'Africain (1983) (the shrub pilot)
  • Psy (1981)
  • on A volé la cuisse de Jupiter (1980) (a crazy person wedding)
  • Le Cavaleur (1979) (Edouard, the heart crusher)
  • Tendre poulet (1978) (a crazy chicken)
  • Julie poet de colle (1977) (Zähme me - loves me)
  • L'incorrigible, L' (1975) (the incorrigible one)
  • Le magnifique (1973) (Belmondo - the devil chap)
  • Chère Louise (1972) (the affair)
  • La poudre d'escampette (1971) (three on the escape)
  • Les caprices de Marie (1970) (if Marie not so moodily wär')
  • Le diable par la queue (1969) (luggage the tiger fast at the tail)
  • Le plus vieux more métier you moons (1967) (the oldest trade of the world)
  • Le roi de coeur (1966) (heart king)
  • Un monsieur de compagnie (1965) (I was a male Sexbombe)
  • Les Tribulations d'un chinois EN Chine (1965) (the mad adventures of the Monsieur L.)
  • L'Homme de Rio (1964) (the everlasting one)
  • Les Veinards (1962) (the luck mushrooms)
  • Cartouche (1962) (Cartouche - Rächer arms [GDR]/Cartouche the bandit [FRG])
  • Sept péchés capitaux, Les (1962) (the seven death sins)
  • L'amant de cinq jours (1961) (lover for five days)
  • Le Farceur (1960) (where the moral remains, my gentleman?)
  • Les Jeux de l'amour (1960)

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