a philosopher (Greek φιλόσοφος, philósophos - friend of the wisdom) is humans, who strive to find answers to the questions of philosophy. Platon characterizes the philosopher in its Symposion as someone, that the truth, the beautiful and property loves and desires. The question, who now a philosopher is, can be answered under different criteria. The designation “philosopher” is undisputed for the “large ones” of philosophy such as Platon, Aristoteles and Kant.

Obviouslythe designation seems “philosopher” first for those, which concern themselves vocationally with the academic discipline of philosophy. These however would not like to very often see themselves as such. Prominent examples for this are Hannah Arendt and Michel Foucault, which itselfeven only as political Theoretikerin respectively as critics designated. Others exclusively concern themselves with the historical or systematic study of philosophy than science and do not become not even philosophically active.

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