Phraya one Grandpa grain Nititada

Phraya one Grandpa grain Nititada (also Phya one Grandpa grain Nitithada or Gon Hutasingsa; * 15. July 1884 in Bangkok; † 1. October 1948 in Penang, Malaysia) was a first prime minister of Thailand.

One Grandpa grain was born in Bangkok as a son of Huad Hutasinha and his Mrs. Kaew. He married late Khunying one Grandpa grain Nititada (also Nitt Samsen called).

Its training it began to wades to Radschaburana (wade to Liab) school, later to the Suan Kulahb Wittayalai, the Assumption college and the justice school of the Ministry of Justice. After it its Bachelor - degree had reached, it received a royal scholarship for further studies to the Middle Temple right school.

After its return to Thailand he worked first in the Ministry of Justice and received the title Luang Praditpicharnkarn. Since it with large devotion and responsibility proceeded, one made it the Phraya one Grandpa grain Nititada, the Minister of Justice.

1918 it became the secret advice (Privy Councillor) of the king Rama VII. appointed.

To 28. June 1932 was appointed Phraya one Grandpa grain Nititada at 14.00 o'clock due to the “law the transition administration of the Kingdom of Thailand” as a “president of the public committee” (the designation at that time of the prime minister) in the first meeting of the committee. It remained up to 9. December 1932 in the office, as the condition of the Kingdom of Thailand by king Rama VII. one abgesegnet, after the Phraya one Grandpa grain as a prime minister formally first withdrew and then afterwards as a prime minister one appointed again.

It remained up to the 1. April 1933 in the office, when the royal decree became to issue for the dissolution of the parliament. It remained actual however in the office up to 20. June 1933, when general Phraya Phahon Phonphayuhasena accomplished a coup d'etat. Phraya one Grandpa grain was sent after Penang into the exile. It lived there up to its death at the 1. October 1948.

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note to Thai surnames: This article addresses the person with her first name. This is because of the following fact: 1920 was obligated all citizens to accept a surname before it was usual only simple names. Nevertheless one responds oneself in official traffic only with the first name. Also lists of names - like directories - are alphabetically sorted according to the first names. Besides there are pointed names, which are usual in the friend and circle of acquaintances.


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