of these articles is concerned with the word physicist as job title. For the play of Friedrich Duerrenmatt see the physicists.

Physicist is a job title for scientists, who are active in physics.

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vocational field

physicists (diploma physicists) occupying a very various vocational field: they solve tasks in the basic and Industrieforschung, development, production, consultation, organization and administration, in marketing, in the public service and in the theory at schools and universities. They use methods of theoretical, experimental and applied physics .

Usually they are oriented on a special field, like for example nuclear physics and elementary particle physics, Atomic, high-energy physics and molecular physics, solid-state physics, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, science of flow, thermodynamics, optics, acoustics, electrodynamics, plasma physics and cryophysics, astrophysics, extraterrestrial physics, biophysics.

Diploma physicists work in the research and teachingsat universities. They are in research and development departments of enterprises of nearly all industries actively, for example in machines - or construction of vehicles, the broadcast -, and communications technology, the medicine -, measuring -, tax - and control engineering, that Energy production and - distribution or the chemical industry.

For statement of the federal agency for work 2004 after some years of increased unemployment among physicists again somewhat more physicist were searched (457 offers for 2.620 unemployed persons physicists January October 2004). (Conditions 12/2004)


physicists work pretty often in vocational fields, which are strange to the actual physics study. Many physicists become after their training managers or directors/conductors of economical societies such as banks or insurance. Many physicists, above all geophysics and that Meteorology, are in computer science with the programming of models of complex systems busy.

The reason of these Berufsverfremdung of physicists is their ability favourable in the economy to solve complex problems. A physicist learns the most difficult problem definitions in his study,into many small to partition and then again build simply solvable problems up. Physicists knew generally also a high receptiveness and therefore also in them strange fan fast to train itself.


the occupation diploma - of the physicista study at a university presupposes , whose conclusion serves as the first occupation-qualifying conclusion. For the moment the diploma courses of studies become by the new international Bachelor/masters at many German universities - courses of studies replaces.

One knows physics also in the context of engineer courses of studiesstudy at universities or professional schools and in the context of teaching profession courses of studies and Magisterstudiengängen. Physics with a conclusion goal Magister at nearly all universities can be selected however only as Nebenfach.

The average period of study amounts to 10 terms, however is the actual study duration with average12.9 specialized terms more highly.

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