Phytinsäure (hexadecimal phosphoric acid ester of the Inosits, IP6) belongs to the bioactive substances. It serves in plants such as z. B. Leguminous plants, grain and oil seed as memory for phosphate and ions (for potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, barium and iron ii-ions), which that needs Keimling for growth.

Phytinsäure seems to Phytat in nature as anion , mentioned, and can bind mineral materials such as calcium , iron and zinc insolubly. It was regarded so far as unwanted contents material in food, since the bound mineral materials cannot be taken up by the body. During the production of full grain products therefore by special paste guidance of the Phytingehalt one reduces. Today one knows however that the characteristic does not represent to bind minerals in a balanced mixing food a substantial disadvantage. This food should, if it much wheat or barley bran and/or. Corn or Soja contains, this either contained in cooked or baked form, or it should an additional source of zinc in the form of z. B. Animal protein or Mineralsupplementen available its. This applies in particular to infants.

Phytinsäure is considered today also as health-promoting. Phytinsäure retards z. B. the dismantling of strength in the body with the consequence that the blood sugar concentration can be well adjusted. Beyond that in the meantime the cancer-preventing characteristics of Phytinsäure are established, since it binds a too much one at metal ions, above all iron, in the food, which represents a increased risk for intestine cancer mainly with consumption of red meat. Who supplies however Phytinsäure additionally to the food, must count on lack of zinc.

The fact that only Wiederkäuer are able to process and use Phytat, is the reason for the fact that liquid manure of the pig and other domestic animals contains as much phosphate. This leads in densely populated areas such as Germany or Taiwan again and again to a disposal and an environmental problem. For this reason one adds lately the rechewing he enzyme Phytase with feeding of pigs, whereby the animals are also better nourished, because they use the phosphate now for itself.

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