Pierre Prévost

Pierre Prévost (* 3. March 1751 in Geneva; † 8. April 1839 ebenda) was a French-Swiss philosopher and physicist. 1791 it that all bodies warmth radiate , showed all the same whether warm or cold.


as a son of an Evangelist clergyman it should likewise hit first a church career. It turned instead however first law studies too, which it gave up soon, in order to dedicate itself to the instruction and travel. It translated and commentated Euripides. Prévost became a friend of Jean Jacques Rousseau and Dugald Stewart.

1780 appointed it Friedrich II. as a professor for philosophy to Berlin and made it a member of the Academy of Sciences. Here he became acquainted with of Joseph Louis lying rank and became attentive thereby to physical problems.

After it had concerned itself some years with economic policy and the beautiful arts (among other things it wrote a thesis over poetry), returned it to Geneva, where it began its work over magnetism and warmth. Until 1810 was it professor of philosophy, then it became destined to the chair for physics.


  • De l'Origine of the forces magnetiques (1788)
  • Recherches of physico mecaniques sur la chaleur (1792)
  • Essai sur le calorique rayonnant (1809)

Piere Prevost, the cousin Mallet you Pans, professor at that Geneva university, translated the works of Adam Smith and the professor of the east India company Thomas Malthus. It steered Mallet you Pans criticism at the French Minister Colbert and sabotaged so indirectly king Ludwig XVI. to accept, a contract offer of the British prime minister William Pitt, the France obligations to give all wirtschftlichen preventive measures up and to deliver the country of the grace of the English “free trade policy”. When thereupon the international banking houses, by Swiss, which French government the credit malfunctioned, Ludwig XVI was aforementioned. forced to sign Pitts Eden_Vertrag. Immediately begin-beginning those a Britisher the economic war; they threw cheap Manufakturwaren on the French market and cut France off of the important supply of Spanish wool.

Soon broke down in France occupation, agriculture and trade, and it came to hunger emergencies. 1789 was malfunctioned again to the French government credits. Thereupon Ludwig XVI had. that Geneva banker Jaques Necker, a friend of Prevost, again as Ministers of Finance employ, after it had already several times fired it to recover in order trusts the banks.

Necker suggested Austerität as only solution of the crisis. It told the Frenchmen, at their emergencies were alone the “wasteful expenditures” of the king debt. The decision moved closer. But in the years up to this crucial instant the American parliamentary group had fought the agents, who herumspukten at the yard and under the realms of Paris, violently.

Prevost has this-these relevant portion of the destruction of the basic ideals of the French revolution and of the following fright rule.

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