Pierre Roy

Pierre Roy (* 10. August 1880 in Nantes; † 26. September 1950 in Milan) was a French painter.

Pierre Roy came 1904 to Paris and visited both the Académie Julian and the École Beaux kinds. Among its friends it ranked Apollinaire and max of Jacob. In the start time of its artistic activity Pierre Roy was first turned to the Fauvismus. Around 1920 it followed then the Surrealisten . From this time many of its most well-known paintings originate. he found his own style to 1928 and on journeys to America 1930 and after Hawaii (1935) finally got himself he inspirations. Pierre Roy is considered since then as the father of magic realism or also superrealism. In the USA, where he had numerous exhibitions, it is admired much and some its diagrams zierten the title page of mode and art magazines.

works (selection)

some its works are in the Paris Musée national d'Art modern trend.

  • The summer of Saint Michel (1932)
  • La Rue you haven (1943)
  • Sweet souvenir (1943)

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