Pierre Trudeau

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau (* 18. October 1919 in Montreal; † 28. September 2000) was long years prime ministers of Canada.

It was born in the province Québec. Its school career ledit among other things to the Jesuitenkolleg Jean de Brebeuf, to the universities of Montreal, Harvard and Paris, as well as to London to the School OF Economics.

In the year 1944 it as a lawyer and politics scientist occurred the bar association of Québec. 1961 receivedit a professor place at the university of Montreal.

For his party, the liberal a party of Canada, he fought for a seat in the Canadian House of Commons for 1965. Soon thereafter he became Canadian Minister of Justice. Finally it became 1968 of the 15. Prime minister of Canada. He dressed this office, onlyfor few months interrupted up to the year 1984, when it itself, in the meantime 65-jährig, from which politics withdrew and as a lawyer continued to work.

The Parkinson illness let withdraw it 2000 and deceased itself only little later it with 80 years to 28. September 2000 ona cancer illness.

Pierre Elliott Trudeaus Mrs. Margret Sinclair, with which he was married since 1971, gave him three sons, Justin, Alexandre and Michel. The latter died with an avalanche misfortune 1998, which only heavy its father bore.

As one of its largest tasks Trudeau regarded timeits life the agreement and reconciliation of the anglophonen and frankophonen parts of the large country. Like that he was also friend and promoter from him initiated bilingualen schools. It is to be also owed to its employment that striving the province Québec for sovereignty in the year 1980 did not become majorityable.

Under its “direction” the parliament 1982 issued the Canadian Charter of the rights and liberties to be able to use in that among other things the liberty of opinion, equality, rights of the natives, the right, one of the two Canadian office languages as well as the protection of the multi-cult Uralsism inCanada are always embodied.

1984 it was honoured with the Albert Einstein peace price.

To the 1. January 2004 was renamed the international airport by Montreal (Aéroport Dorval) to honours Pierre Elliott Trudeaus in Aéroport internationally Pierre Elliott Trudeau de Montréal.


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