Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Frédy, baron de Coubertin (* 1. January 1863 in Paris; † 2. September 1937 in Geneva) was a French paedagogue, historian and a sport functionary.

Pierre de Coubertin
Pierre de Coubertin
Büste Pierre de Coubertin
Büste Pierre de Coubertin

Coubertinas a third child of Charles Louis de Frédy and Agathe Gabrielle de Mirville close Versailles one bore. It came of to an old-established aristocracy family, those their roots on Roman de Fredis (and thus on the discoverer of the Laokoon group, Felice deFredis) leads back.

It studied at the Sorbonne art, philology and jurisprudence. The officer career planned for him it began not, dedicated themselves instead the Pädagogik.

Study trips led it to Canada, into the USA and to England. There he came with the ideas of Thomas Arnold into contact. He came finally to the conviction the fact that in the education new ways were essential and wanted whole humans in the unit of body by the sporty training,Spirit and soul seize and form.

Starting from 1880 it - affects by the archaeological excavations in the Greek Olympia - stepped for a revival of the olympic plays, with which it national egoisms overcome and the peace and for the international communicationto contribute wanted. The borders overcoming progress within the social range should by a sporty record props after the slogan: “High, further, faster” to be symbolized. After Coubertins olympic ideal picture only adults, male single fighters should participate similarly the antique model. Women of the participationat the plays to exclude, he could not succeed however in the emanzipierenden world in the long term.

Coubertin created 1894 the international olympic committee (IOK) and became even Secretary-General. Before 60.000 spectators 6 finally became to. April 1896 in Athens thosefirst to olympic plays of the modern times opens, in which 295 male sportsmen (excluding amateurs) from 13 nations participated. 1912 he became under an alias the first and only olympia winner in the discipline literature. it sketched the olympic rings to 1913, which became starting from 1920 symbol of the olympic plays. From 1896 to 1925 Coubertin was a president of the IOC, afterwards he was appointed on lifetime honorary presidents of all olympic plays.


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