Pierre le Grand

Pierre le Grand (* in Dieppe) was alleged a French Pirat and first, which selected the Karibikinsel Tortuga before Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican republic) as basis.

In the year 1602 it attacked a Spanish Schatzgaleone fully loaded from Tortuga with a small Barke and only twenty-eight men crew at the west point of the island Hispaniola, which had gotten off its convoy and by the Vice Admiral of the Spanish fleet was personally kommandiert. In a daring action le Grand let the own ship drill, before he started the duck rank reef. Thus there was the alternative for it and its people only to victories or going down. The Spaniards reacted perfectly perplex as it the Piraten suddenly on board to emerge saw. Since the Barke had in the meantime sunk, they regarded the impudent robbery comrades as devil with supernatural forces, pleased by the sky, against which one could not fight with chance for profit seriously. The coup succeeded. Pierre le Grand segelte its prize intact to France and sat down as a made man to the peace. It can be considered as “prototype” of the Caribbean Piraten.

It is unsettled whether it acts with le Grand around a historical figure or around an invention of Alexander Exquemelin.

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