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Piet Mondrian (actually Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan; * 7. March 1872 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands; † 1. February 1944 in New York town center, the USA) was a Netherlands painter of the classical modern trend. 1917 it created with Theo van Doesburg and Bart van that leakage the group of artists De Stijl and published in the magazine of the same name article over „the new organization in the painting “. “The trueful modern artist selects the abstraction of the beauty feeling consciously… the new organization… can not behind hide itself, which marks the individual, behind natural form and color, her must rather in the abstraction from form and color to the expression come - in the straight line and in the primary color geführen to the certainty. ” (Number 1, Delft 1917)

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typical picture Mondrians famous pictures by their strong abstractions. Main motive are rectangular color surfaces in the basic colours red, blue and yellow, as well as their respective mixing results white, and black as black lines. The abstract painting became fast the outstanding feature of its by it as Neoplastizismus designated style direction, which it coined/shaped crucially. At the beginning of its career however Mondrian painted still impressionistisch affected pictures of its Netherlands homeland, later neoimpressionistische, before he left the gegenständliche painting behind itself after the turn of the century increasingly.

1940 emigierte Mondrian into the USA. It died 1944 in New York.

A light installation Dan Flavins : „greens crossing greens (tons of Piet Mondrian who lacked green) “ Mondrian is dedicated, which avoided not only green, but also the other complementary colors violet and orange. Yves Saint Laurent could be inspired from Mondrian to a collection.

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„which wants I in my work to express? Beauty on the whole line and harmony by the equilibrium of the relations between lines to reach colors and surfaces. But only in the clearest and strongest way. “ Piet Mondrian

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