Pieter Custers

Pieter Custers (* 13. March 1984 in Weert) is Netherlands elbow contactors.

Custers celebrated already as new generation contactors international successes. 2001 it became crew European champion of the juniors.

After the change to the Netherlands Herrenmannschaft it won 2002 with the European championships in the Finnish Oulu the silver medal in the crew competition.

With the world championship 2003 in New York Custers with the Netherlands crew sixth became.

With a third place in the single competition and the victory in the crew competition with the European championships 2004 Custers secured itself the qualification for the olympic plays.

In Athens it participated for the first time in olympic plays . In the single competition it was after the qualification round with 646 points from 72 arrows on rank 36. In the first round it lost however then its duel against the Kasachen Stanislaw Zaborodskij with 141:145 and separated. In the final account it finally occupied rank 44.

Better it ran together with its team colleagues Wietse van Alten and Ron van hopes. In the crew competition they reached place 5.

Pieter Custers is trained by its father January.


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