Pieter van the Hoogenband

Pieter Cornelis Martijn van the Hoogenband (* 14. March 1978 in Maastricht) is a Netherlands float. With the olympic plays 2000 he became double olympia winner.

Van the Hoogenband buildup in drop of gel . There it began in the swimming department of the PSV Eindhoven with training. Its father worked at the association as a crew physician for the football team in the Netherlands honour division.

Its first successes celebrated van the Hoogenband 1993 with the European Youth Olympic Days. The international break-through created it three years later. As 18-jähriger van during the olympic plays 1996 in Atlanta the professional world surprised the Hoogenband, when it reached both over 100 m-freestyle and by means of the 200 m the fourth place in each case.

After the profit of six gold medals with the swimming European championships 1999 it applied 2000 as one of the favorites to the olympic plays. Over 200 m-freestyle it met on its sharpest rivals, the Australian and world record owner Ian Thorpe. Already in the semi-final undercut van the Hoogenband Thorpes world record around 63 Hunderstel, Thorpe was slower however only around two Hunderstel. In the final it succeeded to adjust van the Hoogenband its world record and it won those gold medal.

Also in running over 100 m-freestyle swam van the Hoogenband already in the semi-final world record. In the final it secured its second gold medal and dethroned themselves the double olympia winner Alexander Popow. Van the Hoogenband over 50 m-freestyle won two further bronze medals and with the Netherlands 4 x 200 m-Freistilstaffel.

With the swimming world championships 2001 in the Japanese Fukuoka van the Hoogenband four silver medals over 50 m, 100 m and 200 m-freestyle won as well as with the 4 x 100 m-Freistilstaffel.

With the olympic summer games 2004 in Athens it won gold over 100 meters freestyle as well as silver over 200 meters freestyle and with the Netherlands 4 x 100 meters of relay.


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