Mushroom of the yearly

the mushroom of the yearly becomes since the year 1994 annually by the German society for Mykologie registered association. proclaimed, in order to make attentive on the endangerment of domestic mushrooms.

The selection of the mushroom of the yearly takes place after the endangerment of the kind or its habitatby humans. Usually very remarkable kinds are selected, so that also for the mykologischen layman recognizing is ensured.

past mushrooms of the yearly

1994 oak red cap Leccinum quercinum
1995 scale sponge Fomes fomentarius
1996 Habichtspilz Sarcodon imbricatus
1997 Frauentäubling Russula cyanoxantha
1998 Purpurleistling Gomphus clavatus
1999 Satansröhrling Boletus satanus
2000 king fly mushroom Amanita regalis
2001 Mäandertrüffel Choiromyces maeandriformis
2002 Orangefuchsiger rough head Cortinarius orellanus
the 2003 parrot Greens Saftling Hygrocybe psittacina
2004 genuine dry rot Serpula lacrymans
2005 weather star Astraeus hygrometricus
2006 Ästiger prick beard Hericium of coralloides

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