Pinchas Lavon

Pinchas Lavon (Hebrew: פנחסלבון) (* as Pinhas Lubianiker to 12. July 1904 in Kopychintsy, Galizien (today Ukraine); † 24. January 1976 in Tel Aviv, Israel) was an Israeli politician of the work party.

Lavon emigrated after law studies, which he had locked in Poland, in the year 1929 to Palestine . There it led a group, which developed a municipality again, which had been destroyed with Arab rebellions. In the years 1937-1938 it divided with Jitzhak Ben Aharon the post of the Secretary-General of the Mapai, in whose executive committee it was selected 1942.

It became member in the first Knesset, to who it belonged until 1961, and became 1950 in the second government Secretary of Agriculture. In the two following cabinets of the second Knesset he was finally a Minister without division and in the fifth cabinet, under Mo Scharet, Secretary of Defense; it practiced this office up to 21. February 1955 out. Already 1949 was it to Secretary-General Histadrut selected, this posts received it to 1950 and again of 1956 -1961, when it lost because of the Lavon affair, because of which it already as a Secretary of Defense withdraw had must, also this post.

Lavon affair

detailed representation: History of Israel: The Lavon affair

the Lavon affair, which loaded the home policy of Israel for a whole decade, came by uncovering Jewish feeler gauges into Egypt into rolling. These wanted to attack American goals in Egypt, in order to cause diplomatic damage between these countries. The political responsibility for this was for many years a controversy, with which on page a Mo a Dajan, Schimon Peres and above all a David the Ben Gurion stood, which made Lavon responsible, and on the other page Lavon, which accused Benjamin of Gibli behind its back the notices to have planned. Although Lavon was supported of Mo Scharet and Golda Meïr and a siebenköpfige Ministerkomission the reproaches rejected, he was finally subject in the political climbing play and terminated its political career.


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