Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
establishment: 1965
dissolution: 1995
category: Psychedelic skirt
progressive skirt
kind skirt
initial members
singing/guitar: To Syd bar-save (until 1968)
singing/bass: Roger Waters (until 1985)
Schlagzeug: Nod Mason
singing/key board: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT (until 1981)
Current occupation
singing/guitar: David Gilmour (guitar since 1968)
Schlagzeug: Nod Mason
singing/key board: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT (since 1987)

Pink Floyd is British (kind -) skirt volume. The group developed 1965, was one the trendsetter of the Psychedelic skirt and progressive skirt and supplied one of the most important contributions with its music and the acoustic and visual organization of its plates and stage appearances for the development of the skirt music, accompanied from large commercial success, particularly to the 1970er and early 1980er years. The latterDisk photographs and the last route were there 1995. Pink Floyd last stepped to 2. July 2005 with the Live-8 - concert in London up for the first time again with Roger Waters at the bass.

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Pink Floyd by Syd one bar-saved, Roger Waters, nod Mason and smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT based. 1968 were replaced to Syd bar-saved due to its drug craze by David Gilmour. 1985 separated Waters in the controversy from the group, participated with the Live-8-Konzert in July 2005 into London however again. The volume name developed outthe first names of Barretts favourite musicians: the Blues players Pink Anderson one and Floyd Council.

1965 to 1983

the roots of Pink Floyd Roger Waters and David Gilmour decrease/go back together into volume a mixture from Folk on 1965, when Syd bar-save , Skirt and jazz played. As if bar-saved to London , dissolved the formation pulled.

Short time pulled later also Waters to London and learned with its architecture study at the poly-technical university nods to Mason and Rick WRIGHT . Together they created the Cover volume sigma 6 andinterpreted current Blues - and Beatsongs. In the same year they changed for the names only to The Tea set, later to The Architectural Abdabs and The Screaming Abdabs. Member of the Abdabs were among other things also Bob Klose, guitar, as well as Juliette Gale, singing, the wifeof Rick WRIGHT. At the beginning of of 1966 came Syd bar-saved to it. It gave volume the name The Pink Floyd sound to that. The volume name developed from the first names of Barretts favourite musicians in the Blues, Pink Anderson one and Floyd Council. On the debut album they were called The Pink Floyd andlater only Pink Floyd.

Bar-saved was coining/shaping for the early years of Pink Floyd, the psychedelische direction gave and wrote nearly all pieces for the first album “The Piper RK the gates OF Dawn” as well as the first three Singles. Its mental condition worseneditself however gradually, probably because of excessive drug consumption, which co-operation with it increasingly less favourable. Therefore 1968 was decided to take up David Gilmour, whose own group dissolved straight, as a further member. This should support bar-saved with live appearances first and replaced it finally completely. Remained bar-savedas Songwriter, to to 2 receives for the time being. March 1968 the decision was met, without continuing it. On the album “A Saucerful OF Secrets” is contained still another composition of bar-saved. Its remaining pieces from this time were brought in on two solo plates, partially under co-operationthe other Pink Floyd members. The argument of the remaining group with the outlet Barretts and its psychological problems pulls the whole further work through of the group.

Legendary appearances of the group, particularly in the Londoner UFO club, had interested also film directors in the music Pink Floyds. In the future receivedPink Floyd several orders for co-operation at TRACKs of sound of film, so with the films Zabriskie POINT and More. The disk publication to the latter appeared nearly at the same time with the double album “Ummagumma”, which covers a very experimental Studioplatte and a live-part.

Atom Heart was 1970 the first Pink MON agoFloyd album, which reached the first place of the Albumcharts in England. The successor Meddle came at place 3. In America however enormous success was not missing first, over place 55 came one there outside, and despite successful and extensive tours. A respect paying attention to thatother side of the Atlantic the TRACK of sound of film Obscured brought by to Clouds. It was the first album, which rose into the American Top 50, and which got Song „Free Four “multi Radioairplay than any their Songs before, which because of the speed faster for its conditions were could.

Into the 1970er - years became from Pink Floyd one the world-wide most successful skirt volume. Roger Waters developed ever more to picking up vein and main Songlieferanten; it was particularly responsible for nearly all texts. The first concept work of the group - Dark simmers OF theMoon (1973) - a classical author of skirt music history became. It was their first publication with piercing success in America: Place 1 and a successful route, which cemented the superstar status that volume. The album held itself from 1973 to 1988 740 weeks in the American Billboard Charts: until today ungeschlagener record.

The follow-up work wipe you were here of 1975 was bar-saved dedicated Syd. The Songs wipe you were here and rail on you crazy dia. moon refer to the initial member. During the Studioarbeiten the volume received attendance from the psychotischenBar-saved, which obviously left a coining/shaping impression with its former volume colleagues. Rick WRIGHT designated wipe you were here than the best Pink Floyd album and the Song rail on later you crazy dia. moon than the best Pink Floyd Song, at which it also today not yet the smallest changemake became. The demand for the album was enormous, however in England 250,000 Vorbestellungen, and place 1 on both sides of the Atlantic.

For the Coverdesign of Animals Hipgnosis 1977 could something unusual be broken in. A floating, twelve meters large, inflatable pig, which like the roundGiant canvas on the stage to a brand name for Pink Floyd with live appearances will should. The pig came into the press, since it tore away itself with the photographs for the Cover of the Battersea power station and was floated by the wind over the airport London Heathrow, whichfor some excitement with the responsible air traffic controllers led. Southeast from London the pig fell thirty kilometers then from the sky. Due to „dinosaurs “- images that volume with the arising Punkwelle were both success at the public as well as the criticism of the album not with the two predecessorsto compare.

The probably most ambitious and largest project was the conception of the album The barrier, 1979. The photographs marked first, serious differences between the volume members, primarily Gilmour and Waters, over the question, where the volume should develop. Waters set its line of everythingin everything through; except for few exceptions all Songs came of it alone: Gilmour was particularly involved in run like bright and Comfortably Numb, whereby the latter should appear original on its solo album. WRIGHT, itself also as musicians of the criticism of the remaining volume colleagues suspended, finally left the volume (after other reports it became to dismiss) saw, remained however for few the The barrier - live concerts as guest musicians receive.

The album was filmed by Alan Parker (with Bob Geldof of the Boomtown of advice in the main role). To a large extent the concept album written from Roger Watersstrong auto+biographic courses and describes the increasing carries, by strong collection of the nut/mother and the loss of the father justified Vereinsamung of a rock singer.

The barrier was specified only at four places live: in Los Angeles, New York, London and Dortmund (1981). 1990, briefly after the case of the citizens of Berlin, Roger Waters The barrier specified wall again with own musicians on the Lenné triangle in Berlin. It became the so far largest concert in the history of the skirt music.

The album The finally CUT (Pink Floyd) (1983) originate nearly completely from the feather/spring from Roger Waters and are his father Eric Fletcher Waters dedicated, which fell in the Second World War. Characteristically the album, which was almost a wading R-S solo work („by Roger Waters written, performed by Pink Floyd “), contains numerous Songs, those thoseremaining musician originally as „too weakly “had rejected; also the reactions of the criticism were restrained.

starting from 1985

1985 the problems between Gilmour and the Hauptsongwriter Waters finally led volume, which to its separation from that he thereupon on one side for dissolved avowed. Onelong legal argument around the volume name followed: Gilmour, whose solo project under own name had experienced only little attention before, and Mason wanted to continue under the name Pink Floyd. Still during the photographs to the new project A Momentary Lapse OF Reason pushed also WRIGHTs again in addition,however not yet as full member, since Gilmour and Mason had alone financially carried the album. The album was in the long run rather a solo project of Gilmour and pushed with the fans on enthusiasm; with the critics the reaction was divided. Despite the continuous legal argument with Watersone started to 9. September 1987 a world tour. The disputes ended provisionally with an agreement between Waters and the remaining volume, in which the rights of the albums, Songs and the volume name were regulated.

Roger Waters tourte further with considerable guest musicians and wrote own material. Inits live program fell back it in addition, to many Pink Floyd of pieces. It particularly preferred the pieces, in which it was involved in most or which it had written. Pink Floyd without Waters tried to avoid these rather, what however with many „pieces of obligation “,as Money (Dark simmers OF the Moon) or nearly all Songs of The barrier, did not succeed.

Since The division Bell 1994 is WRIGHT again full member that volume. A following world tour and a sumptuously packed live-album (P.U.L.S.E (1995)) became asSign of life that volume around now more David Gilmour rated, however was very much larger the commercial success of The division Bell than the agreement of the critics, who stated an artistic stop predominantly. Since then no new material appeared more. one put the double album Is to 2000there Anybody Out There?: The barrier live one 1980-1981, 2001 Best OF double CD (Echoes) forwards; at this time for the first time rumors arrived at the public, according to which itself Waters the remaining three musicians approximates slowly again. A DVD - Version of the concert of 1971 in the Amphitheater of Pompeji appeared 2003.

Pink Floyd 1996 taken up to the skirt and roll resound to OF Fame.

In the context of the Live-8 - Events of Bob Geldof in the Londoner Hyde park arose to Pink Floyd in July 2005 together with Roger Waters . Thus Pink Floyd played for the first time since 1981again in original occupation from the time of their largest successes together and speculations gave around one „Reunion route “or a new album new food. They played Speak ton me/Breathe/Breathe Reprise, Money, wipe You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.But hopes of the fan municipalitywere recently destroyed: In a set of interviews on the occasion of his recent solo route David Gilmour stated several times that Pink Floyd was now history. He explained, he had enjoyed Live8, but had been this for him also the conclusion.

meaning and influence

PinkFloyd succeeded and/or. the feat succeeds to obtain on the one hand both enormous success - therefore Chartplatzierungen -, on the other hand to an important influence on outstanding and/or successful other musicians of the same and/or. to become following generation. Musician and/or. Volume, the Pink Floyd - frequent afterown statement - among their substantial influences rank are and. A.Guru guru, archives, Arjen Lucassen, Porcupine Tree, Shadow Gallery, Dredg, Tool, Oceansize, air, Kyuss, Radiohead, The Mars Volta and Dream theatre.


in the evaluation of the different work phases these volumes go the opinions strongly apart. In the following a rough Periodisierung is tried.

Psychedeli phase

Pink Floyd was one the most popular volume of the Psychedelic skirt. Driving artistic Kraft was bar-saved Syd.This was expressed particularly in its remarkable Songwriting.

interesting are that the two first single publications of Pink Floyd (Arnold Layne and lake Emily Play) expressed the only ansatzweise psychedelische inclination to that volume. It means,it gave some irritated visitors in the first concerts.

phase by program

Pink Floyd develop the ethereal sound typical for it, which never denies the models of the skirt and Bluesgeschichte despite its atmospheric attraction however. With the album Ummagumma reach the experimentalAmbitions that volume a high point. The masterpiece of this phase is that 23 minutes long piece of Echoes of the album Meddle. A further Schmuckstück is that MON ago likewise 23 minutes long piece atom Heart on the album of the same name, into an entire orchestra as well as that„normal “instruments plays.

classical phase

concept albums of large aesthetic uniformity and symphonischem attraction develop. Milestone is thereby thatAlbum Dark simmers OF the Moon; and wipe you were here can probably as „the most typical “Pink Floyd album apply, while the furious Animals - album as a transition work to apply has and despite the ausufernden length of its Songs a rough, less key-board-annoying sound has.

intellectual phase

this phase was dominated by Roger Waters. The texts and the intellectual concept received a clear revaluation, however by critics of this phase one criticized,that this happened at expense of the aesthetics. The double album The barrier with its varied Songs is considered to that nevertheless today generally as successful and ranks beside Dark simmers OF The Moon and wipes You Were Here among the three „classical “albums volume. A subordination of the musicunder the message only finally CUT becomes clearly apparent with The, which was published in the midst of the cold war with a clear anti-war message. With the door of Roger Waters due to artistic differences with David Gilmour and nod Mason ended this phase. Of many criticstherefore the album The is finally regarded to CUT also as the first solo album of Waters, with which the other members arose only than „guest musicians “.

post office wading R-S phase

without Roger Waters became those volume mainly by Gilmourcoined/shaped and with large commercial success Momentary Lapse OF Reason and The division Bell, as well as two live-albums from the accompanying tours published two further albums A.


  • Delicate sound OF Thunder (1988) Live-album from the A-Momentary Lapse OF Reason - route
  • P.U.L.S.E (1995) live-album from that The division Bell - route
  • Is there Anybody Out There? - The barrier live one 1980-1981 live-version of the album The barrier, taken up 1980/81, publishes 2000

Compilations, video and DVDs

  • The barrier (1982) video CD, contains live video home system - video and
  • video CD La Carrera Panamericana (1992) video home system - on 2 CDs
  • the motion picture film Delicate sound OF Thunder ( 1988) video
  • rail on (1992) Compilation, CD box with 9 CDs
  • P.U.L.S.E (1995) live video home system video and video CD, DVD (prospective 23.Oktober 2006)
  • Is there Anybody Out There? (2000) The barrier live one 1980-1981
  • Echoes (2001) double CD Best OF compilation
  • live one in Pompeii (2003) unabridged version, again cut and additional interviews, DVD
  • Dark simmers OF the Moon - 30th Anniversary (March 2003) super audio CD (SACD) in hybrid - version
  • DarkSimmer OF the Moon (2003) documentation with current interviews, DVD
  • The Pink Floyd and Syd bar-save to story (April 2003) DVD

early Singles

  • Arnold Layne / Candy and A Currant Bun (1967)
  • lake Emily Play / Scarecrow (1967)
  • of Apple and Oranges / Paintbox (1967)
  • It Would in such a way Nice/Julia Dream (1968)
  • POINT ME RK The Sky/Careful With That Axe, Eugene (1968)

all volume members published also solo albums, which different success had granted.


see also


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