Pinkas brown

Pinkas brown (* 7. January 1923 in Zurich, Switzerland) is theatre, film and television actor, as well as translator and speaker in hearing books.

It received its play training at the Schauspielhaus Zurich (Bühnenstudio), where it was engaged also from 1948 to 1956. Afterwards it played at many theatres in Austria, Germany and Israel.

It is also an in demand film and television actor. It did not arise in more than 120 television plays and series, among them “the secrets of Paris” (1980), “anywhere is Poenichen” (1980) or also in “black-red-golden - sugar sugar” (1987). In the cinema it is in particular by its roles in Edgar Wallace - filmings admits become. In the radio play range its role remains unforgotten as William of Baskerville in “the name of the rose”.

Besides it leads also direction and translates plays into German. Since 1959 he is an exclusive translator of all works of Edward Albee.

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