Pioneer 10

Pioneer 10 during the Endfertigung
Die Plakette zeigt den Ursprungsort der NASA-Raumsonden Pioneer 10 und 11, die ins äußere Sonnensystem aufbrachen. Sollten sie in einigen 10.000 Jahren in ein entferntes Sonnensystem gelangen, bekämen außerirdische Lebensformen einen Eindruck von den Erbauern der Sonde.
the plaque shows the place of origin of NASA - space probes Pioneer 10 and 11, which applied in the outside solar system. If they should arrive in some 10,000 years into a distant solar system, extraterrestial ways of life would get oneImpression of the designers of the probe.

Pioneer 10 is an US-American space probe of the Pioneer - row, to 3. March 1972 around 1:49 UTC on board Atlas a Centaur was started. The 258 kg heavy probe has beside communication instruments 14 measuring instrumentson board.

Since the probe will leave the solar system on its flight path, a gold plate, called pion he plaque, was attached with a message to possible extraterrestial intelligent organisms. On this plate are a man and a woman as well as a coordinate system alsobinary numbers, which indicates our position in relation to 14 pulse arene and the center of the Milky Way, shown. The authors hope that thereby our position can be recognized in the Milky Way. In addition are a hydrogen molecule as well as our solar system with the sun andthe 9 planets represented.

Pioneer 10 was the first space probe, to 3. December 1973 at the planet Jupiter flew past and close-ups as well as further data back sent. Since the meeting with Jupiter is the probe on a course, on that itthe solar system with a speed of approximately 2.5 AE per year leaves. The general flight direction is the star Aldebaran (in the constellation bull), which it could reach after a air route of approximately 68 light-years in approximately 2 million years.

Upthis part of the mission the solar wind as well as the cosmic radiation were examined, to Pioneer 10 to 30. March 1997 was explained by NASA from cost reasons officially for „dead “. Sporadic establishments of contacts, with those also far isolated data of the probewere conveyed, were to last at the 3. March 2002 successfully. Further contactings (approximately to 14. July 2002 or to 22. ) Signals at the border of the Empfangsempfindlichkeit, under those resulted in January 2003 more weakly becoming current supply from the radioisotope generators thatProbe and the increasing distance. Last attempts to take up contact failed both to 7. February 2003 and at the 3. March 2006.

2006 are the probe more than 12 billion kilometers and thus twice as far like the planet Plutofrom the sun removes. Radio signals of the probe needed approximately twelve hours, in order to reach the earth.

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