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Künstlerische Ansicht: NASA-Raumsonde Pioneer 11 fliegt am Saturn vorbei.
the start preparations: NASA space probe Pioneer 11 flies past the Saturn .
Die Plakette zeigt den Ursprungsort der NASA-Raumsonden Pioneer 10 und 11, die ins äußere Sonnensystem aufbrachen. Sollten sie in einigen 10.000 Jahren in ein entferntes Sonnensystem gelangen, bekämen außerirdische Lebensformen einen Eindruck von den Erbauern der Sonde.
The plaque shows the place of origin of NASA - space probes Pioneer 10 and 11, which applied in the outside solar system. They should arrive in some 10,000 years into a distant solar system,extraterrestial ways of life would get an impression of the designers of the probe.

Pioneer 11 is an US-American space probe of the Pioneer - row, which had the study of the planets Jupiter and Saturn to the task.

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details inYear after the start of the identically constructed sister probe Pioneer 10 should also dare “Pioneer 11” the raid into the outside solar system. The beginning of mission was consciously retarded, in order to be able to consider possible difficulties with “Pioneer 10”. Since there were these however hardly, 11” green could for “PioneerLight to be given. If the probe should be still functional after the flyby at the Jupiter, it should head for the second giant planet Saturn.

As also with the Pioneer 10 a pion he plaque on board the Pioneer 11 , which contains a message of mankind, is.

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  • “Pioneer 11” started to 6. April 1973 with a Atlas Centaur - rocket.
  • The flyby at Jupiter found at the 3. December 1974 in 43.000 km distance to the surface instead of. The probe won about. 500 pictures and numerous data.
  • The flyby at Saturn found to 1. September 1979 in 21.000 km distance instead of. Became about. 400 pictures made. The probe discovered details of the Saturnringe and a new Saturnmond. “Pioneer 11” was the first probe, which passed the planet Saturn.
  • To 23. February 1990 passed “Pioneer 11” as the fourth terrestrialSpacecraft after Pioneer 10, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 the Neptunbahn and penetrated then into the interstellar area.
  • Because of lack of fuel the mission became 30. September 1995 adjusted. A last telemetry of “Pioneer 11” received NASA to 24. November 1995.
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although the probe “Pioneer 11” the first flyby at the Saturn successfully mastered, the scientific results of the mission became soon by those of the two “Voyager” - probes extended and exceeded. This was because of the fact that “Pioneer 11”, exactly like “Pioneer 10” only partly the scientific researchthe outside solar system as a goal had. Their task lay rather to create the break-through to Jupiter and to Saturn at all thereby itself the following generation of “Voyager” - probes the planets more exactly to look at knew.

“Pioneer 11” is that probe, which solar system with the smallest speedleaves. Since it was the last probe, which advanced into the interstellar area at all and to it still due to the complex Saturn maneuver that with the lowest energy reserves was, played also between 1990 and 1995 won results of measurement in the interstellar area (contrary to those that“Voyager” - probes) no more role.

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