Beep pin the younger

beep pin the younger one, beep pin III. (French Pépin III, Pépin le Bref), often also the short one because of its short mode of expression in discussions mentioned, (* 714; † 24. September 768) was a Frankish house Meier, late king of Franconias. He was the son Karl Martells and father of Karl of the large one.


Grabmal von Pippin dem Jüngeren und seiner Ehefrau, Königin Bertrada der Jüngeren (franz: Berthe), in der Basilika Saint-Denis
tomb of beep pin the younger one and his wife, queen Bertrada of the younger ones (franz: Berthe), in the Basilika Saint Denis

beep pin714 as a second son Karl Martells was born. It was educated in the monastery by Saint Denis.

Briefly before its death 741 Karl Martell divided his realm between his sons from first marriage, Karl man and beep pin, whereby itself here over kindand quite contradict execution the few from later time coming sources. Karl man got Austrien, Alemannien and Thuringia (region), beep pin Neustrien, Burgund and Provence. The two brothers had itself immediately a rebellion of their with the Erbfolgerignored half brother Grifo oppose, which became afterwards closed into a monastery. Since its power seemed obviously not strengthened, Karl man and beep pin 743 set a merowingischen king, Childerich III. again., all the their office as house Meier a royal legitimacyto give. Between the two brothers it seems to have given in principle and a successful co-operation to agreement, but when Karl man transferred its countries beep pin to 747 and itself in the monasteries Monte Soracte and Monte Cassino withdrew, it seems at least rumorsto have given that this retreat was not completely voluntary. Beep pin lets mention explicitly in contemporary sources that it had been alone the resolution of its brother. Beep pin took over thus under evasion of possible hereditary rights of Karl man children the regency of the wholeFranconia realm, which remained however not unquestioned. So it had to suppress an indignation Grifos again. With the Alemannen main header beep pin up, and in Bavaria it set minor son Tassilo III. for Odilos. as a duke, but under Frankish sovereignty.

Beep pin was anxious to attain after the office of the house Meier also the king title. Actual power was for a long time with the karolingischen Hausmeiern. The merowingischen kings were only after names the rulers. For authentication availed itself of this title assumptionBeep pin of the Pope Zacharias. Beep pin sent in addition its most important councellor, Fulrad of Saint Denis, to Rome to the Pope with the question: Because of the kings in Francia, which would not have power as kings whether that was good or not.Answered as desiredthe Pope:It is better to designate than king who has power, and in November 751 beep pin left itself to that by a meeting of Franconias to Soissons after joggle Childerichs III., together with its son Theoderich into that Monastery Prüm was referred, to the king (Rex Francorum) to proclaim and terminated thereby the number of the kings from the sex of the Merowinger. With the choice beep pin to the king the king rule of the Karolinger in the Franconia realm began. The accurate role of thePope with this procedure one understood later differently; while Rome of a kind request for coronation/culmination and thus a papal right of disposal autoritativen over the Königtum went out, the lay large ones understood the “Weistum” of the Pope rather as a kind appraisal. Additionallyto the choice by Franconias beep pin left itself as a first Frankish king ointments. By this act beep pin wanted to weaken the king welfare conceptions applizierten on the sex of the Merowinger. Which role Bonifatius played with this consecration, is in the researchdisputed.

As the Pope Stephan II. pressed of the Langobarden. to France came, in order to ask beep pin for assistance, left myself to this to 28. July 754 including his sons Karl man and Karl in the Basilika Saint Denis of it crown andpulled on it in the spring 755 to Italy. Aistulf, in Pavia besieged, understood itself to everything, however departure broke its promises and besieged the Pope in Rome after beep pins. Beep pin returned now 756, forced Aistulf to the acknowledgment thatFrankish upper rule and for the transfer of the Exarchats, which gave beep pin the Pope (pippinsche donation), and took over the Patriziat over the city Rome. Beep pin sealed the federation with the Pope by a thorough reform of the Frankish church andSubordination the same under the authority of the Roman chair, which it accomplished in community with Bonifatius.

753 and 757 he led lucky wars against the Saxonia, floated by conquest Narbonnes the Sarazenen over the Pyreneeses, and 760-768 undertookit repeated campaigns against the duke Waifar of Aquitanien. Duke Tassilo III. from Baiern it could force 757 to the achievement of the Vasalleneides.

Before its death beep pin divided the realm between his two sons Karl (747-814) and Karl man I.(751-771)up. It died to 24. September 768 in Paris and was buried in the Basilika Saint Denis.

From its wife Bertrada of the younger ones it had still four further children except Karl and Karlmann:

  • Gisela (* 757, † 810) became 788 Äbtissin of Chelles
  • beep pin (* 759, † 761)
  • Rothaid, bury in pc. Arnulf in Metz
  • Adelheid, bury in pc. Arnulf in Metz


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