Jetty from

jetty from (griech. Πειραιάς Peiraiás, Pireas) is an important industrial centre in Greece with 175.697 inhabitants (2001) and third biggest Mediterranean port. It is port of the Greek capital Athens and southern terminator point the important country of Thessaloniki and/or. Patras from crossing traffic facilities. Admits becameJetty from among other things by the hit with the initial line “I am a girl out jetty from” from Melina Mercouri (griech. Original: Τα παιδιά του Πειραιά) from the film “Sundays never” of Jules Dassin and the soccer club Olympiakos jetty from.

Jetty from (Peiraieus) actually is thatName of the hilly peninsula, 8 km southeast from Athens, with the mountain Munychia, which carried a castle in Macedonian time, and three deeply cut round harbor basins (jetty from, Zea and Munychia), high up to 86,5m, which Themistokles since 493 v. Chr. for the port of Athens intendedand first left surrounded with walls.

Over the building of the walls between jetty from and to Athens, whose middle only Perikles added, see Athens.

In perikleischer time by Hippodamos from Milet the city plant with right-angled cutting roads put on themselves, the ports was developed and with Säulenhallenand ship houses provide. After completion of the Peloponnesi war destroyed, flowered jetty from as commercial port soon again up.

In the years 347-323 v. Chr. the arsenal of the Philon was established, the Sulla 86 v. Chr. with the remaining harbor facilities down-burned.

According to the transfer of the port arrangeditself the antique jetty from as port of Athens into the following three partial ports up:

  1. Kantharos
  2. Zea
  3. Munichia

thereby represented to Kantharos the commercial port of jetty from, while Zea and Munichia the military were reserved. Zea was the larger of the two war naval ports.

objects of interest

  • main port
  • Pasalimani (Zea)
  • Mikrolimano
  • archaeological museum with the antique theatre
  • ship museum Trokadero Marina with the tank cruiser Averof (Palaio Faliro)

coordinates: 37° 57 ' 36 " N, 23° 38 ' 24 " O


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