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Wappen von Pirmasens Lage der kreisfreien Stadt Pirmasens in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Circle-free city
height: about 360 - 400 m and. NN
surface: 61.37 km ²
inhabitants: 43.232 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 704 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 66953 -66955
preselection: 06331
Kfz characteristics: HP
of municipality keys: 07 3 17 000
of the city administration:
Drilling place road 17
66953 Pirmasens
Website: www.pirmasens.de
E-Mail address:
Mayor: Dr. Bernhard Matheis (CDU)

Pirmasens is a circle-free city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is enclosed by the district Südwestpfalz and is because of the west edge of the Pfälzer of forest. Their name decreases/goes back to the holy Pirminius , which created the monastery in horn brook. Pirmasens was considered for a long time as the German shoe metropolis.

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geographical situation

Pirmasens are because of the southern edge of the Pfälzer of forest. In the west the city two-bridges and the Saar Pfalz circle , in the north the circles Kusel and Kaiserslautern , lie in the northeast the circle bath Dürkheim, in the east the circle southern crying race and in the south the state border tooFrance with the “Pays de Bitche” (Bit country).

City arrangement

Pirmasens is arranged into seven local districts (Erlenbrunn, Fehrbach, Gersbach, Hengsberg, Niedersimten, wind mountain, Winzeln) and eight quarters (Horeb, cough-increase, resting bank, summer forest, Winzler quarter, Schachen, Kirchberg, Erlenteich).

Pirmasens around 1910


its firstdocumentary mention found Pirmasens around 860 as “pirminiseusna”, to the monastery horn brook being subordinate settlement. The name goes on the Hl. Pirminius back, the founder of the monastery horn brook.

The land count Ludwig IX. from Hessen darmstadt felt in the hunting seat of his father inPirmasens so probably that it lent municipal rights to the settlement 1763 and shifted its residence here. It developed a garrison in Pirmasens, since it was not allowed to station armed soldiers in the elsässischen Buchsweiler. The city got a Stadtmauer, a lock,a drilling place and the largest drill-resounds Europe after that one in the Russian pc. Petersburg. With the death of the land count in the year 1790 the garrison is dissolved and short bloom of the city is past. 1793 strikes Prussia and Braunschweig the FrenchMoselarmee in the battle of Pirmasens, nevertheless belongs to Pirmasens of 1793 - 1815 to France.

1923/24 try pfälzischen separatists to gain in Pirmasens durably a foothold fail however to 12. February 1924: It comes to storming by forcethe district office, the seat of the separatist city government and to several victims on both sides.

To 9. November 1938 destruction of the synagog during the so-called. “Novemberpogrome “, this very day reminds the synagog lane of the location of the building. The 15. March 1945 bring the destruction of the city center by an allied bomb attack, to 22. March 1945 American troops invade, the Second World War are for the population to end.

1946 become Pirmasens part of the again-created Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate. The location Pirmasens that FH Kaiserslautern is created 1989. the US troops leave finally 1997 nearly completely the location cough-increase - which development of a new borough begins.


  • 1969: Erlenbrunn, Fehrbach, Hengsberg, Niedersimten, Winzeln
  • 1972: Gersbach, wind mountain

development of the number of inhabitants (starting from 2002 31. December):

data source starting from 1950: Statistic national office Rhineland-Palatinate


town councillor

Stadtratswahl of13. June 2004:

CDU 46.0% (- 1.8) - of 21 seats (- 1)
SPD 23.8% (- 11.4) - 11 seats (- 5)
WGR 10.8% +3.7) - 5 seats (+3)
REP 10.2% (+7,3) - of 5 seats (the +5)
Greens 4.3% (+0,3) - 2 seats (=)
other 5.1%(+2,0) - 0 seats (- 1)


  • Dr. Bernhard Matheis (CDU), mayor
  • Peter Scheidel (CDU), mayors
  • Michael Schieler (non-party), full-time assigned to
  • Helga Knerr (FWG), honorary assigned to

partnerships between cities

culture and objects of interest

This article or section exists mainlyfrom lists, where flow text should stand.


  • festival hall



  • Oratorienchor music association Pirmasens
  • Bezirkskantorei Pirmasens

of buildings

coat of arms field in the Giebel of the
“Old persons of city hall”
  • old city hall (former landgräfliches lock)
  • Carolinen hall
  • former royal-Bavarian force post office (museum and place of event)
  • drilling place with city hall
  • Neuffer at the park (former shoe factory)
  • post office triangle (accumulation of reconditioned buildings of periods of promoterism)
  • Rhine mountain he complex (former shoe factory, those at present) parks


  • cemetery Neuffer park
  • stretching valley park
  • theatre

festival hall

  • sport

fiber plastic

  • Pirmasens TV
  • 1863 Pirmasens VFB
  • Pirmasens GW
  • Pirmasens SG
  • Pirmasens red white
  • Pirmasens blue white
  • Pirmasens ASV
  • Pirmasens TTC
  • Pirmasens TUS/DJK
  • Pirmasens sports association
  • 1907 resting bank RC
  • Pirmasens 1
  • is reconditioned. Boule associationPirmasens
  • MTV 1873 Pirmasens

of associations

  • aero club Pirmasens
  • 1.Carneval-Verein Pirmasens, CVP
  • Knubbe un Knode, association for old manual work techniques

regular meetings

  • land count days, second weekend in April
  • open air highlight at the drilling place (changing music meetings opera, musical, skirt, Pop, Hip Hop)
  • Schlabbeflicker celebration, first weekend inAugust
  • Exe celebration, second weekend in September
  • festival euro classical period (festival of the cities Pirmasens, Bitche, two-bridges, Blieskastel and the convention community two-bridge country)
  • infantry market, in the autumn
  • November market, last weekend in October or first weekend in November
  • Belzenickelmarkt, Christmas market in the Adventszeit

economics andInfrastructure

Pirmasens was since that 19. Century the center of the German shoe industry. The using globalization, thus the unsatisfactory competitive power, in connection with the wage development in Germany made starting from approximately 1970 in increasing measure the mass production to the enterprises more difficult. A majoritythe residents to shoe factories had in the meantime to give up, other one could by paging of production in the foreign country as well as specialization on niche segments survive. Many thousand jobs were omitted in such a way.

Not much better it was issued leather trade, mechanical engineering and chemistry, where it only to limited extentsucceeded to find new customers and whom “globalization” likewise left their traces. Many jobs were lost also here.

The dissolution of the large American garrison in several steps off approx. finally 1980 left the situation desperate after feeling many citizensbecome, with unemployment ratios in the town center around 20%.

The border situation and the not optimal traffic route must be rated as location disadvantages, although the situation is not in the Westpfalz so badly, compare one it with Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Also elsewherewell-known exodus from the cities distorts the statistics, and the quality of life is good.

A hope carrier is the conversion of the former barracks area for the professional school and for establishments of an enterprise. First successes are visible, even if of a change of trend yet cannot be spoken. The unemployment ratioin the Westpfalz altogether lies further over the Federal average. Anyhow one waits no more from the outside for assistance, but tried, to find even solutions among other things with the clear confession of the city administration and the Rhineland-Palatinian traffic Ministry to the vierspurigen development thatB 10 between A 8 and A 65 in Landau. Also the long neglected location factor of the concentration of authority in things shoe manufacturing, unique in Germany, again increased as advantage one recognizes.


although in the middle convenient in the heart of EuropePirmasens with favorable traffic facilities is not gesegnet. The city ties up A 8 to the Saarland, over which only single-lane built A 62 is the connection after Kaiserslautern and Trier ensures. Eastward B bind 10 thoseSüdwestpfalz to the Rhine rail on, whereby a development is to improve the infrastructural deficit to the vierspurigen motorway.

Over 6.97 km for a long time sting-strain Pirmasens north - Pirmasens main station is tied up the city Pirmasens to the regional railway system. From the distributor station Pirmasens north leadsin western direction the Queichtalbahn (course-book-strain 675) after Landau, eastward the black brook valley course (course-book-strain 674) to Saarbruecken and northward the Biebermühlbahn (course-book-strain 672) after Kaiserslautern. All connections belong toToday no more do not drive suburban traffic of the railways, long-distance trains on the distances from and to Pirmasens. The former goods station in Pirmasens was left open end of the 1990er-Jahre and finds today its use as discotheque.

Resident enterprise

Pirmasens was and is stillcoined/shaped by the shoe industry. Large dying of the shoe factories in the last thirty years left clear traces to find with “Peter emperor” is in Pirmasens the oldest shoe factory of Germany created 1838. Many empty standing production surfaces became in the latterMeaningfully converted, for instance the “Neuffer complex” developed for years, which accommodates physicians, enterprises and a Radiosender. But, also their supporting industry Pirmasens did not only coin/shape the shoe manufacturing and to coin/shape the city still. The chemical industry, those for instance borders andSoles produced - for example the company “Framas”, supplies which for Adidas and Nike all borders - is still a large employer. In direct neighbourhood also the chemistry companies “Profine” are, under the name “Kömmerling” long largest employer of the cityand “saucy”, which with their industrial colors among other things Adidas supply. It applied in former times that each German foot carried once Pirmasenser of shoes, then today nearly each soccer player stepped already once against a ball manufactured with Pirmasenser colors.

The 'park & BellheimerAG', from the “park brewery Pirmasens & two-bridges AG” again a brewery with future, those is come out in the region flag shows and with their valence in white beer after long years of the fall after their assumption by the “ACTROS” (among other things “calibration tree beer”)momentarily in completely Germany popular becomes.

The use for new purposes of old industrie and military surfaces is for Pirmasens a large problem, in addition, a large chance, since so recent enterprises can settle economically. For instance the company “Convar”, world-wide well-known specialist for data rescue,those already data media from the rubble of the World trade of center restored, or the call center “SympaTel” that to of Germany largest belonged and in Pirmasens one of the largest employers is.


public mechanisms


Pirmasens possesses district as central center of the Südwestpfalz the three High Schools Hugo ball High School (formerly newlinguistic High School), Kant High School (formerly oldlinguistic High School) and Leibnizgymasium (formerly scientific High School), as well as a component of the professional training school Pirmasens a technicaland a restaurant High School, which offer both however only the upper stage. Darüberhin are in Pirmasens eight primary schools (of it three in the eingemeindeten suburbs), three hauptschule and a six-form high school. The educational provision is rounded off by a promotion school and the professional training school.

Pirmasensa Campus of the professional school possesses Kaiserslautern, which cough-increases on the conversion area still (conditions 02/2006) in the development is understood. A further offer for after-school education is the German shoe technical school, which is meanwhile a component of the professional training school.

Leisureand sports sites

  • Pirmasenser air and bath bark (PLuB)
  • sport and leisure facility Eisweiher
  • urban stadium and sport park cough-increase
  • stretching valley park (exemplary Renaturierung and Wiedernutzbarmachung of an industrial fallow)

sons and daughters of the city


Pirmasens is…

  • the only international exhibition booth place in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • the world largest shoe commercial centre
  • seat of the oldestShoe factory of Germany (Peter emperor, based 1838)
  • the city with the largest “millionaire density” in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • similarly as Rome, on seven hills builds
  • the city with the second highest number of private insolvencies in Germany
  • the seat of the US transmitter “Pirmasens Husterhöhe”, 1969 the thoseNo viticulture place, but place of birth of the first pfälzischen wine queen
  • literature J.B.Lehnung, loved Pirmasens, 12 volumes ,


  • (comet) transferred signals from Apollo 11 after Houston/Texas, 1978 FF. [much pictorial material]
  • of graves/Spindler, the Pfalzbefreier, Ludwigshafen/Rhine, 2005 [about separatism]

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