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State of Italy
region Toskana
province Pisa (pi)
geographical layer of 43° 43 ' N 10° 23 ' O
height of 4 m u. M.
Surface 185 km ²
inhabitant 85,379 (2001)
population density 462 Einw. /km ²
postal zip code 56100
Preselection 050
ISTAT - code 050026
Fiskal code G702
name of the inhabitants Pisani
protection patron San Raniero there Pisa
Website Pisa

Pisa is a city in Italy, convenient into the Toskana close of the delta of the Arno into the Liguri sea. In the Middle Ages and in that early modern times was it besides a city state (republic).

Pisa is capital of the province Pisa and has zirka 90,000 inhabitants. Landmark is the Campanile well-known as inclined tower of Pisa. Beside a large university also the Scuola has normal Superiore, the elite universitythe Italian State of their seat in Pisa. The atmosphere and aliveness of the city become from approx. 40,000 students, who constitute nearly half of the inhabitants Pisas, coined/shaped. On the other side this leads to the fact that the city rests if the university enterprise, how become extinct works therethe largest part of the students no constant Pisaner are.

The city centre extends over four historical boroughs, from the station in the south up to the Piazza dei Miracoli (place of the miracles) with the inclined tower in the north. Center of the historical quarters of San Martino, Santa Maria, San Francescoand Sant'Antonio is the Ponte di Mezzo, the central Arno bridge.

Since most tourists depart not far from the inclined tower, one finds one of the cities of the Toskana, which remained quite original and genuine in Pisa. Departs one only few hundred meters fromOne sees bent lanes, students, bars and the typical houses painted in the pisaner yellow, which let the former wealth of the city suspect unfortunately only to tower.

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major items: History Pisas

in the Middle Ages was Pisa one of the four sailor republics of Italy (beside Genova, Amalfi and Venedig). Besides the city stood in competition with the toskanischen neighbour republics Lucca, Florenz and Siena. Finally those lostRepublic of Pisa 1406 their independence at Florenz. In this time Pisani, a special city language , developed which is spoken until today and which has also a still alive write tradition (Scripta).
Admits became Pisa also by the council ofPisa in the year 1409, that by the choice Alexander V. and its successor Johannes XXIII. tried to terminate the Abendländi Schisma it however only aggravated, so that it suddenly three Popes, one in Rome, one in Avignon and evenly one in Pisa, at the same timegave.

Famous sons of the city were Galileo Galilei, after which the airport is designated by Pisa, and Fibonacci (Leonardo of Pisa), one of the most important mathematicians of the Middle Ages.

objects of interest

important one of celebrations

already since end 14. Century it is proven that on last Sunday in June the Gioco del Ponte is celebrated. Hereif particularly strong men of the quarters try north the Arno (Tramontana, if the quarters cover Santa Maria, San Francesco, San Michele Mattaccini (Porta A Lucca), Satiri (Portanuova Cep) and Calcesana) seven tons a heavy car over the Ponte the Mezzo on the southern halfto push. The southern boroughs of the Mezzogiorno (Sant'Antonio, San Martino, San Marco, Delfini (Marina di Pisa), Leoni (Porta Fiorentina) and Dragoni (Porta A Mare, San Piero) try to prevent this and to carry the car into the north. This pageantin historical costumes is really worth seeing.

Equivalent two celebrations are dedicated to the city-holy San Ranieri, whose remnants in the cathedral are kept. To 16. June, the eve of the daily of San Ranieri, takes place each year the Luminaria. All electrical lights along the Arnos are deleted,and thousands of candles into and around the windows, as well as in large racks, dip the Arno and the surrounding promenades into a charmful light. To 17. June takes place the Regata di San Ranieri. Each borough sends a rudder team, that on the two kilometersis tried enough distance with a goal in the city centre to leave the other boroughs behind itself.


Pisa has an airport 2 km south the city center.

partnerships between cities

Pisa maintains with the following cities partnerships between cities:

sons and daughters of the city

of districts

  • Marina di Pisa
  • Tirrenia
  • Calambrone
  • Barbaricina
  • Riglione
  • Oratoio
  • Putignano
  • San Piero A Grado
  • Coltano
  • Sant'Ermete

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coordinates: 43° 43 ' N, 10° 23 ' O


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