Flagge der Pitcairninseln
Wappen der Pitcairninseln
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Office language English
capital Adamstown
system of government British overseas territories
head of state Elizabeth II.
Governor Richard skin
surface 47 km ² (all islands)
coastal line 51 km
highest collection Pawala Valley Ridge 347 m
number of inhabitants 45 (conditions July 2005)
currency New Zealand dollar
time belt UTC -8
National anthem God save the Queen
Kfz characteristic missing
internet TLD .pn
preselection 00649

the Pitcairninseln (English: Pitcairn Iceland Group) are one isolate convenient Inselgruppe in the southeast Pacific. The archipelago consists of the islands

The Pitcairninseln is the last remaining British crowning colony in the Pacific ocean. The Hauptinsel Pitcairn is well-known because of their inhabitants, majority the descendants of the Meuterer of the Bounty and its tahitischen wives is. The remaining three islands of the group are uninhabited. Pitcairn is the country with the smallest total populationin the world.

Pitcairn became to 2. July 1767 discovered by the sea-cadet Robert Pitcairn and is since 1838 British crowning colony.

The islands Oeno, Henderson and Ducie were integrated 1902 on instruction of the British consul in Tahiti into the British kingdom, as a British mission shipto Picairn one sent and also the uninhabited islands visited.

Into the 1980er - years tried an US-American multi-millionaire to acquire the islands from Great Britain to in order to use it for routistic purposes; so should among other things an airfield on Henderson to be built. Also the 1992 proclaimed Micro nation Freedonia strives for some years to buy the Pitcairninseln of Great Britain.

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head of state of the Pitcairn islands is the British queen. It is represented on the islands of the governor of New Zealand. The Pitcairn islandsare autonomous, the interests of government represents municipal authorities, which are selected every three years. A mayor presides municipal authorities, who is selected directly. A heavy crisis experienced the small Inselgruppe 2004, as several men, who descend directly from the Meuterern of the Bounty - among themMayors Steve Christian were accused - of the rape by several island women. Since itself the mayor refused withdrawing from his office the governor extracted his political mandate from it.


Adamstown is also straight once about 40 inhabitants the smallest capital of the world.Their name it owes to the last survivor Bounty Meuterer John Adam. Still 1948 had the small town of 220 inhabitants. Young island inhabitants look for for decades their welfare however already by their emigration to New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain.


  • telephone: There is from thatInselns ausschlisselich sowing suffering telephones, it replaced the only “wire communication” to the island. Also radio traffic is still very popular.
  • Radio: There is no radio station on the islands.
  • Television: There is no TV-station on the island, satellite reception makes possible the receipt of Australian and programs of New Zealand.
  • Internet: ThatMunicipal authorities finance a sow-suffer-supported Internet connection, which all households can follow.

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