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Pius Parsch (18. May 1884 in new pin with Olmütz, Mähren; † 11. March 1954 in monastery new castle, Lower Austria) was Augustinerchorherr and catholic theologian, which made a substantial contribution through its journalistic work for liturgical movement.

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it became to 25. May 1884 on the name Johann baptized. It visited the High School in Olmütz. it occurred 1904 as Novize the Augustinerchorherrenstift monastery new castle , where it to 28. August was fitted out and the medal name Pius assumed. 1909 it was geweiht to the priest and was to 1913 helping out priests in the Pfarre Maria Treu (Vienna VIII). 1911 it became the Dr. theol. at the university Vienna attains a doctorate. Starting from 1914 he taught Pastoraltheologie at the house institute of the pin and helped with the training of the Novizen.

When it was from May 1915 up to the end of the First World War Feldkurat at the east front, it became acquainted with the Liturgie of the orthodox churches . It wanted to make the Bible understandable a book for the people and the Liturgie for all.

After its return to the monastery it began with Bible courses for the Novizen. Starting from 1922 he celebrated community fairs in the church pc. Gertrud (monastery new castle), with which parts of the fair were sung by the people in German language (praying singing fair). It wanted to reach thereby an active participation of the Mitfeiernden and a back meditation on the Urchristentum. These celebrations are considered as the birth of the liturgical movement in Austria. A break-through succeeded, when with the Viennese catholic day was celebrated 1933 a praying singing fair.

In order to spread the Biblical and liturgical renewal further, Parsch 1928 created a publishing house and Augustinus printering and gave starting from 1926 the magazine „Bible and Liturgie “and starting from 1928 the magazine „lives with the church “out.

Before the Second World War it was member of the working group for the religious peace, which recruited for a co-operation with the national socialism. Cardinal Theodor Innitzer forbade to 28. September 1938 all priests the membership at this working group. The national socialists waived 1941 pin monastery new castle, destroyed printering and forbade liturgical publications. Therefore Parsch worked offices as Seelsorger in Vienna Floridsdorf and could only 1946 its in the pin again take up.

1950 it created monastery new citizens the Bibelapostolat, which approves of expenditures for Bible and introductions to the holy writing gave change.

Pius Parsch suffered an impact accumulation at you air tables the congress in Barcelona, from which he did not recover any longer.

It is to be owed to working Parschs that contents of the liturgical movement of a broad public were made accessible. Also the stress of the Biblical component of the Liturgie was it an important request.

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works (excerpt)

  • the year of the welfare. 3 volumes, 1923
  • short measurer clarifying. 1930
  • sacrifice with the church. 3 volumes (measuring book), 1930
  • learn the fair to understand. 1931
  • liturgical renewal 1931
  • from the Gebetbuch of the church. 5 volumes. People-liturgical Apostolat, monastery new castle 1931/33
  • the early service in the Karwoche. People-liturgical Apostolat, monastery new castle 1938
  • Brevierschule for laymen. People-liturgical publishing house, Vienna and. A. 1939
  • P. Parsch and Robert stuff rider: New church art in the spirit of the Liturgie. People-liturgical publishing house, vienna monastery new castle 1939. (Translated of Moises Diaz Caneja into the Spanish: Arquitectura Y liturgia 1948.)
  • Volksliturgie. People-liturgical publishing house, monastery new castle vienna 1940
  • the liturgical lecture. 10 volumes, 1948-55


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