Place Vendôme

the triumph column on the Place Vendôme
Place Vendôme with barricades and fallen column

that Paris place Place Vendôme is in the 1. Arrondissement and belongs to the most important objects of interest of the city. He became starting from the year 1688 for honouring the king Ludwig XIV. after the draft of the architect Jules Hardouin Mansart built. The palaces around the place, equipped with uniform fronts in the style of the classicism, up to the year 1720 were built.

In the center of the place the 44 m high triumph column ( Colonne Vendôme) is from the years 1806 - 1810 with a statue of the Napoléon Bonaparte. It has in the year 1792 the destroyed rider monument of the king Ludwig XIV. from the year replaces 1699. The sculptor Pierre Nolasque Bergeret created the column after the model of the Roman Trajanssäule. For the shank bronze from the cannons was used, which had captured the Frenchmen in the battle of Austerlitz.

In the year 1871 the column was destroyed, for which the painter Gustave Courbet was made responsible. In the years 1873 - 1874 were again developed it.

On the west side of the place is under the No. 15 of César cut in the year 1898 created luxuriöse hotel cut. It belongs to the Egyptian billionaire Mohamed aluminium-Fayed since the year 1979. That cut accommodated also lady Diana in the year 1997, before you on the way from the hotel deadly had an accident.

To the Hotelgästen likewise Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway and Marcel Proust belonged.

Under the No. 13 the French Ministry of Justice was up to the year 2004. The building originally belonged because of the fraud to the accused Poisson de Bourvallais, who had to deliver it in the year 1716 the state, in order not to go into the prison.

At present (conditions: May 2005) becomes the building the business centre with approx. 25,000 m ² office surface and approx. 5,000 m ² shop surface converted.

In the house under the No. 12 Frédéric Chopin died. In the same house Napoléon has III. its later wife Eugénie de Montijo know learned.


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