of posters at a wall in Tarifa
Moulin Rouge - La Goulue (four-colored lithography of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, 1891)

a poster is a large printed on paper sheet, which is attached at a wall or other suitable surface. Posters become frequently as carriers for groupsbegun, which seek to communicate their request.

Posters with pure text have a long history: they announced Shakespeares of plays. Centuries long informed it the citizens about government-official resolutions.

The large revolution of the poster organization began with the color lithography, which made an inexpensive poster pressure possible in different colors.This technology was developed in France and spread into the 1890ern in completely Europe.

Jules Chéret is considered as a founder of the modern picture poster.

1884 take place in France the first Plakataustellung. Numerous well-known artists worked at this time as poster designer, everything in front Henri deToulouse Lautrec.

Many posters have a high artistic value and desired collecting objects became. In addition fair posters from all world count.

During the First and second World War propaganda posters played a fatal role with the creation of the enemy picture.

Later artistic posters released substantial scandals. Inthe Pop kind and the protest movement of the west made the 1960er extensive by the poster use.

Also the film industry discovered rapidly the Potenzial by the poster employment with the advertisement. Thus collecting film posters became a common hobby.


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